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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Home.

Hi everyone! Guess who's back? ME! And I'm back with a new blog as well! I decided to have a fresh start, and I started my new blog Peppermint + Ivy. You can click here to go there, and check it out! Hopefully you follow me there too, i'd love it if you did!

I will definitely miss blogging on Savile, but hey! New beginnings arent always so bad! Thank you all!<3

Monday, July 25, 2011


First off, id like to thank all the people who have been reading my blog loyally. Id like to thank all my followers, facebook fans, blog friends, and everyone who comments or just scrolls through my blog. You guys have made writing Savile one of the biggest joys of my short-lived life, and I could never repay you fully for that. To all the lovely people who've given me the greatest chances, thank you so much.

Recently, blogging has taken a turn to a few bad events. Ive begun to get stressed out with achieving ideas, and trying to keep up a certain level of posting. Thats resulted in late nights, lots of ink & paper, and a very grumpy me running around the house.
Today marked probably the worst part of it, and due to an issue, I had to take down my last post.

So, I have decided to take a nice long break from blogging. I truly don't know how long my break will be, but I know that I have spent so much time on the computer and stressing about the blog, and not enough time on the outside enjoying my summer, and just my life in general. And with fall coming and school starting, I need to be ready to work hard, have a clear mind, and be able to balance everything together.

I may be gone for a month, or even three, but just know that my blog will stay on my mind. This isn't a goodbye, but really just a see you all later, & don't you forget about me.

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the summer, and I really will miss you all. Tears were shed in the process of this thinking, but I know its for the best.

- Tariro

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Glitter Guide: Skirts

     Lots of people in the world are obsessed with glitter, shimmer, & sparkles. I happen to be one of them! And especially in the summertime, I love adding that extra sparkle to my outfits!
     One thing that glitters that I absolutely love are sequin skirts! I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and I fall for one every time I see it! I have yet to buy one for myself sadly, but Ive got my eye on one from J. Crew! They've really upped their shine attire!  I styled a few outfits with two lovely glitter skirts, inspired by summer. Enjoy!

Day & Night ; Skirt Shimmer

For the daytime, I think its a good idea to have a semi-low key look, instead of just packing on the shiny stuff! So, I paired a gorgeous J. Crew sequin skirt with an Abercrombie & Fitch denim shirt, some metallic flats, and a neutral/nude Chanel bag. Throw on some shades, and you're ready to hit the streets looking good with a little attention from the sun! Lastly, I added gold nail polish, to really set off the skirt, and also add a little more fun. 

Of course, this time of day is when you really wanna show off! Ive always loved this long J. Crew sequin maxi skirt, and I love its blue color! I paired it with a really pretty navy blue bustier from Nina Ricci, velvet black platform heels, and a white handbag. To top it off, I added a gorgeous silver-shimmer nail polish. I think this look is a fantastic way to look fancy, with a little simplicity on the side.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Armie Hammer for GQ

     From the moment I saw Armie Hammer's gorgeous face, I was in awe. That was added onto me being in awe of his acting skills, playing 2 once. Then, he appeared in a GQ spread, and all hell broke loose. Simple yet perfect styling, amazing clothes, & just an overall insanely great editorial! Enjoy!

(All images from GQ)
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waves To Be Ridden & Boys To Be Kissed

     There's nothing sweeter than a little beachside romance, some surfing, & thats exactly what we see in this video showcasing Pret-a-Surf's 10/11 Resort line. I actually found this video on tumblr, and I absolutely loved it instantly! Its so adorable, and you cant forget the gorgeous swimwear!
I wish that when I had/have surf adventures in Ocean City with my cousins, that I'd look as cool and stylish doing so.

Video & Pictures by Pret-a-Surf

Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY: The Endless Summer

     So this summer, ive really just been stuck at home bored for most days. Until last night, when I got a BRILLIANT idea! Why not cut up some old jeans (they still fit, but were too short), and make then into shorts! And while i'm at it, why not give them a SPARK? I went through a time when I was in LOVE with sewing, I made little pillows and things like that. Id always watched my mom doing it, so she taught me and I picked it up. Now, I think my love for it is coming BACK!
     Thats when I grabbed a pair of scissors, a pair of jeans past their prime, and sat down to work. My eyes slowly wandered over to my desk, trying to see what else I could add onto the jeans. They drifted onto golden ribbon, and then to the GORGEOUS fabric that had come with my Kiel James Patrick purchase packaging. So, I got to work! Ladies and gentlemen, here are the shorts dedicated to my endless summer. Beautiful colors, pretty ribbon, and pretty wash. Enjoy!

(A little inside peak into the process)
If I had more fabric, I definitely wouldve gone around and lined the back too! But oh well, Im really pleased with how the shorts turned out! This was my first time cutting jeans into shorts, and also my first time adding anything onto them.Ive done other sewing projects, but this was my first like this.

So what do you guys think? I worked REALLY hard on them, and I really am happy with the end result! I did them ALL my hand, sewing and cutting etc. In all, they took about 3 hours, with a little break time. Thanks to the lovely people at KJP for supplying your customers with pretty packaging that enlightens creativity!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Little Suit Girl

     Recently, my mom and I sauntered into Macys in search of a dress for an event she and my dad were going to attend. Usually, I just walk around in the Teen Department, drool over the shoes, and sniff the perfumes. But this time, I walked around with her and helped her look, and I ended up wandering to where the fancy stuff was. Thats when I discovered a new love of mine. S-U-I-T-S. Pant suits, skirt suits, dress suits, short suits. All suits! No, NOT the usual black or brown. The ones I saw were BEAUTIFUL. Pinks and teals and yellows and peaches! Gorgeous patterns, perfect cuts, playful looks! I made a little connection to Elle Woods too! Suits had never looked so fun, and I wondered why Id never looked at them before! I was a little overwhelmed by it all, but now I can say I truly love fun suits! Colorfull ones! Because when I THINK about going to work, to a meeting, or somewhere in a REALLY pretty pink ensemble, work doesnt sound too bad to me! Besides, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun while growing up!

So lovely readers, in this post I'll share with you some of the types of suits I saw! Enjoy, and leave a comment if you please!

   First up are the girly suits. I think we all recognize the world's favorite lawyer Elle Woods, and her pretty pink dress or skit suits! I love the little hat that she wore with it too! I saw some absolutely gorgeous girly suits, which came in different shades of pretty colors! Pinks, blues, teals. I really liked them! The all-pink suits were my favorite! I saw mostly tweed versions, and they were just REALLY lovely! I really love the idea of pairing these suits with flats, but pumps could work too!

   Next, I saw a few abstract suits too! There wasnt an exact word in mind for them, so I came up with abstract! With semi-long jackets, and then pencil skirts or dress pants. I think they're kinda heavy, so they'd be something to wear more in the winter time. With that said, I still saw a few with regular length suit jackets! Cant go wrong with a gorgeous black&gray&white color block jacket with triangle buttons! I thought of platform heels when I saw these suits.

    I REALLY loved the classic suits! The ones I saw the most were plaid or navy or red, and they were gorgeous! Very soft jackets, gorgeous round buttons, just SIMPLICITY at its best! I think they're suits for when you WANT to make a statement, but you KNOW you may have to tone it down. I really liked the plaid ones best, with black skirts or black dress pants. I would LOVE to see classic suits paired with loafers! But I guess it depends on the look as a whole, but I DID see some loafer-style heels!

     Last but not least, I saw really pretty PLAYFUL suits too! Gorgeous ruffle elements, paired with a simple skirt, or knee length shorts/pants. I think these are DEFINITELY more my style, but I really loved them best in color! I saw tons in teal, blue, and orange! Sincle ruffles are REALLY much more fun, I think pairing these suits with fun shoes would work very well! Kick boring out, keep fun in!

I absolutely LOVED seeing all the suits, and even though i have a few years to go, they definitely sparked a new though about office style in my head!