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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waves To Be Ridden & Boys To Be Kissed

     There's nothing sweeter than a little beachside romance, some surfing, & thats exactly what we see in this video showcasing Pret-a-Surf's 10/11 Resort line. I actually found this video on tumblr, and I absolutely loved it instantly! Its so adorable, and you cant forget the gorgeous swimwear!
I wish that when I had/have surf adventures in Ocean City with my cousins, that I'd look as cool and stylish doing so.

Video & Pictures by Pret-a-Surf


  1. don't understand the point of this video. i thought the clothing was for surfer girls, not for girls wearing them just to catch a guy. a video with a different message would have been more effective for me!

  2. Thanks Claire!
    & Chi-Pei, their line actually includes both surfwear and swimwear. I guess what you choose to do with those is up to you lol. I think the basis of the video is that he'd seen her all along, & also its really to just show the products. Others interpreted it differently though.
    Either way, I found the video cute. Im sorry you didnt enjoy it.