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Monday, July 25, 2011


First off, id like to thank all the people who have been reading my blog loyally. Id like to thank all my followers, facebook fans, blog friends, and everyone who comments or just scrolls through my blog. You guys have made writing Savile one of the biggest joys of my short-lived life, and I could never repay you fully for that. To all the lovely people who've given me the greatest chances, thank you so much.

Recently, blogging has taken a turn to a few bad events. Ive begun to get stressed out with achieving ideas, and trying to keep up a certain level of posting. Thats resulted in late nights, lots of ink & paper, and a very grumpy me running around the house.
Today marked probably the worst part of it, and due to an issue, I had to take down my last post.

So, I have decided to take a nice long break from blogging. I truly don't know how long my break will be, but I know that I have spent so much time on the computer and stressing about the blog, and not enough time on the outside enjoying my summer, and just my life in general. And with fall coming and school starting, I need to be ready to work hard, have a clear mind, and be able to balance everything together.

I may be gone for a month, or even three, but just know that my blog will stay on my mind. This isn't a goodbye, but really just a see you all later, & don't you forget about me.

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the summer, and I really will miss you all. Tears were shed in the process of this thinking, but I know its for the best.

- Tariro


  1. I'm sad to hear this. Blogging does take a lot out of you but I hope you recover and decide to come back (soon). I saw your post earlier and actually I was coming back to leave a comment on it to say that it totally inspired my outfit for tomorrow. You have talent and great styling skills, I hope you know that. And I also hope you didn't take it down due to other people. Don't ever let others get you down. Anyway I hope you get outside and enjoy your summer. If anything I hope you learned that you can't let your blog run your life since it will run you down if you do. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Thank you SO much Heather! I really appreciate that. And sadly, I did. I really didn't want any conflict with the post, so it may come back up again when I return. I saved it, so I really dont regret taking it down for now. Thanks for all your support!

  3. Oh I am so sorry things have taken a wrong turn. Take a nice long break and come back refreshed!


  4. I definitely will! Thank you!

  5. Take care girl, I can't wait for your return to the blogging community. Keep in touch! And do what you have to do to clear your mind. Enjoy your summer, you deserve it!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. I'm sorry to hear that we won't be graced with your vibrant spirit for a while but I know that wherever you may be and whatever you choose to do, you'll be putting in 100%, just as you have with this blog.

    Whenever you're ready, we'll be here to greet you.

    Thanks for the good times.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    totally seeing red

  7. awwww sorry to hear have a good break xx

  8. Well dang, I hope you get the R&R you need! Rest up and feel better -- blogging should be fun!

  9. Sad to see you go for a bit! But I understand, blogging can really become surprisingly stressful at times, and we all need a break! Hope to have you back soon!

  10. I just found your blog but I know what you are talking abozt! Blogging really is a big part of my life as well and it takes lots of time and sometimes upsets you but I hope you come back!!

    PS: I am organizing a huge Give-Away right now with lots of beauty and fashion items such as perfumes, make-up, jewellry and a clutch maybe you'd like it :)



  11. I've only just started following your blog, but really, don't worry, I know the exact feeling. I have it all the time, and taking a break will do you good I promise. I look forward to you coming back, and take as much time as you need. Won't forget about you :) xx

  12. Come back!: I am your new follower. Maybe you could follow me back, so we can stay in touch:-)
    Ask Erena

  13. Nice blog! Love your header! :)