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Friday, June 10, 2011


So summer is FINALLY around, and with it comes brand new amazing trends! One of my favorites that ive seen so far is belted dresses! Simple dresses, maxi dresses, flower pattern dresses, old fashioned dresses, EVERY KIND OF DRESS! So, I decided to show my own little take of the trend, and some of what ive seen around! I hope you like it, and I REALLY hope you try it out! P.S its about 90-something outside today! Ahhhh the horror! lol

Nauty Knots:
This is definitely one of my favorite takes on the belted dress trend! A nautical themed dress, usually blue&white or red&white stripes, with a rope belt/tie! I LOVE it sooooo very much. I think its just one of those casual looks that works SO well! My take on that would be adding some Sperrys, a simple Longchamp bag, and maybe a bracelet or two. I wouldnt wanna take AWAY from the stripes, so I think simple dressings would work best. But, the fun is you can add whatever twist you'd like! Thats my kinda dress.

Out & About:
I really love this one too! A brightly colored dress, then a somewhat neutral colored belt? Or just a bright color, whichever way! Haha. This reminds me of a day out having fun with my friends, and I tried to reflect that really well. In my take, id put on some brightly colored nailpolish to go with it, or maybe just something plain. Depending on my mood. Then id throw on some really pretty sandals, prefferably with some beads on them. To me, this look would be all about fun. Lastly, id grab a Longchamp bag (I dream of Longchamp daily) and id be up up and away. Oh, and id definitely add a necklace or two! Maybe even pearls.

Patterned Pending:
I feel like patterns are the highlights of summer, because you get to play up lots of things, including what you wear! Ive always been a fan of flower-print, and im actually wearing a really pretty flower-print dress right now! Ooo la la. I think the BEST way to belt a flower dress is to just go brown! A nice simple skinny brown belt, and you're set! Id definitely pair that with a colorful bag, some pretty brown sandals, and some pretty gold chains (Forever21 gold, heck yeah!). I think some statement necklaces would be awesome!

Long Gone:
Maxi dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and they went HUGE last summer and started to last year! So, I think its time to twist them up for THIS summer! Time to belt it up. I think a simple colored maxi dress works the best, and just a belt that has a color that POPS is perfect to go with it! Really, you can have so much fun pairing these things up! Id wear wedges or platform heels with this look, a simple necklace, and a really nice brown bag. This is probably a look id wear if I rolled out of bed and felt tired, OR if I was just going for that simple look ;)

I hope you guys liked this post! Im trying to post a lot more actual content posts, not just ones that take up space. Thanks SO much for all the comments & follows! You guys rock!



  1. I love it - its great!
    Keep up the good work!
    The Girl with the Popped Collar

  2. I love your set!!! I also love belting my dress esp. if it's a lil big or if it's a maxi dress. It helps give your body a shape since sometimes certain dresses can give you the "pregnant" look.

  3. Thanks SOOO much! & haha definitely!

  4. You really showed how versatile this trend is! Love all the looks- but my fave has to be the nautical-themed dress with a rope-inspired belt!

  5. Thanks so much! I really love that look too.