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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

One day till im done with school, & OFFICIALLY A SOPHMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL! Oh yeah! Im so excited. Soooo happy I made it.

Anyways, recently my friend Ellen had a 15th birthday party. While everyone else went for the super fancy dresses etc, I decided to go for something a LITTLE more simpler and a LITTLE more fun. Hello! PARTY! So, I took a little visit to Sears with my mom and got an ADORABLE dress! It was only $14! Now, im not really SURE if its a dress........cause its kinda really short. But either way, I chose to wear TIGHTS under it. And to top of the look, I wore these black wedges my sister got for me that I REALLY like! They look simple, but to me theyre PERFECT! For some reason, ive been leaning towards simple items with COLOR, or simple items with PRETTY PATTERNS! Ive got a weird case! Haha.

And here's a picture of my friend Sarah and I at the party! :)

 Im so excited for all the upcoming posts! Get ready for Savile & Summer 2k11