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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gingham, Boys, & Glitter.

Day #1 of summer, and im feeling pretty good! My main goal this summer is to NOT let it be boring! I have NO idea how im gonna work that out, but who knows? Anything can happen!
I decided it was time to do another styling post (I hope you guys dont get bored of these!), because I really love doing them, and I have the brightest idea! A cute, simple, and close-to-preppy outfit that directs toward summer. I may have swayed a bit from the usual Navy, but I really love the colors I picked for the outfit and the pieces too! Enjoy!


1. Simple Shirt:
At the beginning when I started putting together the outfit, I couldnt decide between just a white button down shirt or the pretty orange&white gingham. Personally, I would choose to wear the gingham shirt, but both would work! I think the shirt is the vocal point of the outfit, because its pretty much the first piece seen. I think either one of the two shirts would work, even if one is more simpler than the other, theyre both absolutely great.

2. Chino Skirt:
I fell in love with the chino skirt after I saw it on Unabashedly Prep being worn PERFECTLY by one lovely lady, and ever since then i've kept my eye on it for summer! I think its a really good piece to have in your closet, because you can just put it on, add a few things, and be on the go! I was thinking maybe you could tuck the shirt into the skirt. Sound good?

3. Boat Shoes:
AHHH SPERRYS! How I love you so! I know I profess my love for the classic sperrys as much as POSSIBLE, but I found these to be more suitable. I really like their simplicity, and theyre actually pretty cute! Do the classics have competition? I won't reveal that little detail. The ties in the front are too cute, much like those of the classics. I think the sperrys would just add to the outfit, because they POP in the BEST way possible. They may even be statement shoes.

4. Rope Belt:
I absolutely LOVE the color of this belt! And I think rope belts are REALLY awesome, and this one proves my point! One of the many ones from Kiel James Patrick, and they never cease to amaze. I think the color of the belt contrasts well with the color of the gingham shirt, but if you choose the white shirt it COMPLIMENTS it really nicely.

5. Headband:
Headbands are the accessories of the hair. I dont think thats much of an unknown statement. BUT, its the right headband that does that! I chose two really pretty ones, one simple and one a little more out there. Im in LOVE with the glitter headband, though! You guys know im a sucker for shiny stuff.

6. Tote Bag:
I think its obvious that I LOVE Longchamp bags! Seriously, I would do ANYTHING to get my hands on one! Well....maybe not ANYTHING. But I think you get my point haha. I really like the tan color of this bag, and the leather too. Like always, simple, classy, and absolutely perfect.

7. Shades:
Shades! You CANNOT forget the shades! I think Ray-Bans have always been in my top 5 list of things I NEED in my life! I fell in LOVE with this style of Ray-Ban shades the moment I saw them! They're a style that NOT everyone has, and they have this classic feel to them that just sets off the whole outfit! Who knew one thing could change everything?

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this styling post! Im always trying to show you guys outfit ideas that hopefully spark some outfits you wear!

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  1. Love the set!!! I esp. love the orange gingham shirt!! I just bought myself a gingham print skirt which I totally can't wait to rock out.

  2. Thanks SOOO much! And oooo the skirt sounds fab!