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Thursday, June 2, 2011

ONE SHIRT, Two Ways.

As you guys know, I am OBSESSED with styling outfits! And, I absolutely LOVE the One Shirt, Four Ways (or however many ways) pages in magazines! So, I decided to do my own one for you guys, and HOPEFULLY give you fresh ideas for clothes you currently have! I hope you like them!

I started with a really pretty light Salmon Proenza Schouler top, and went on from there!


Way #1: Girl's Day Out:

For this outfit, I really wanted to style something FUN, SIMPLE, AND PRETTY! I didnt wanna overdo anything, but decided on some REALLY pretty simple (light) pastel colors that when together, would result in an AWESOME outfit! I really loved the color of the yellow skirt, and the WRAP style. I have a thing for wedges, and I really like these from H&M! The color is an EARTHY color, so it all works. I went for a white leather bag to add on, because in MY opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with a little white! Some pearl earrings for some ear bling, then a NEUTRAL light salmon nail polish completes the look. The HUGE MAIN GOAL of the outfit was to go for simplicity, and I wanted to make something that EVERYONE could go into their closet and re-create!


Way #2: Good Girl Gone Bad:
For the second look, I wanted to do the OPPOSITE of the first look. So, why not go a LITTLE edgy? I decided to pair the top with some denim shorts, and it'd be a choice whether to TUCK in the shirt, or to leave it out. To add to the BAD behavior, I chose a leather jacket, a studded leather clutch, then GORGEOUS black wedges! I told you I love them! For a little fun, I chose the snake ring, and some ribcage earrings. They're cute! For nail decor, I chose SILVER, BLACK, AND A GORGEOUS CRACKED POLISH! I really want to go out and buy the cracked nailpolish, because I really love how it looks! Its SO cool! So, the look isnt ALL that out there and edgy, but its PRETTY cool in my opinion, and a GREAT second way to wear the top!

I hope you guys enjoyed the post! I LOVE styling, so hopefully you enjoy what I style! Comment if you please, i love hearing what you guys have to say!



  1. Ooh I think I have similar pieces to recreate look #2! It's perfect how you've styled it!

    sorelle in style

  2. I love this idea! You paired the shirt so well in both of these sets! I thought I would like one more then the other, but I actually love both! I would definitely wear both looks, just depending on my mood that day!

  3. oh and b sure to enter my giveaway before it's too late!

  4. I love both of these looks a lot! I also like the shirt you chose because the color can be cute, bright, or tough! Great outfits!


  5. Thanks for all your feedback guys! And Tasha, I agree! Different mood, different way.

  6. I totally love your blog and your layout. I def love both these sets. The colors you chose were pastel perfect in the first set. Then I liked how you made it more edgy and tough.

    PS I'm def. following you now!

  7. Love the color of that top and the cut off shorts! I love peach/coral. xo

    strawberry freckleface

  8. I love both ways, but I think the second is my favourite! x

  9. I really like both outfits! Great blog!


  10. I prefer the second look !! Thank's for coming to me !!