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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sell Yourself Short

After a much needed mini hiatus, im backkkk! & with me, I bring perfect weather, and adorable tidbits to wear in it! S-H-O-R-T-S.
I absolutely love shorts, and I think they're one of the best things about summer! I like them bold, bright, & out of control!

These shorts from J. Crew are adorable! I really love how they're multi-colored, striped, and they have this sort of oceany beach thing going on! Me gusta!

I really love the tribal print going on with these board shorts! J. Crew mustve read my mind ;)

THESE babies from Runway Dreamz are sooo pretty! I love the gradient of the colors from purple to pink, & I just love them overall!

Show off your patriotism (especially on a day like today or the 4th of July with these! They're simple, but then the flag takes the lead.

Check THESE out! Half lace, ALL amazing! Im in love. Seriously. These are absolutely perfect! And I love the black and white, and the ripped contrast. Wish list? YES!

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC memorial day, and I hope you have a great week! Keep on the lookout for new posts too


P.S a quick note about shorts from Runway Dreamz.....they are AMAZINGGGG. So droolworthy! Ive been trolling their site for the past year, and decided I HAD to share! I shall babysit as many munchkins as I have to JUST to acquire a pair!


  1. I want the American flag shorts!

  2. Love these pictures! Great selection!

  3. want them all!



  4. oh my gosh! these are so amazing! seriously thinking about the purple to pink fade! so pricey but i think its worth it! thanks for sharing these!! xx

  5. @Gia,
    I know right?!

    You made such a good pick! I love those! & ahhh I know, the price is so high. But a splurge may be worth it!