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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nobody's In Love

FINALLY, I have an outfit post for you guys! So, this week school's been starting at 10:45 for me because of testing. Which gives me time to ROLL OUT OF BED, HEAT UP SOME PANCAKES, & MAYBE EVEN LOOK DECENT THAT DAY ;)

Scarf: Mom's, Top: Sears, Jacket: Burlington, Shorts: Kohls, Sandals: Forever 21

I am in utter LOVE with the white top im wearing! I got it for about $4 at Sears, and ive been itching to wear it ever since! Also, the sandals belong to my LOVELY older sister. I really wanted to wear a SIMPLE outfit today, but still want a LITTLE stylish flair in there! I hope everyone had a good day like I did, & im glad to be back to my normal blogging schedule ;)



  1. You look fabulous! And can I have your legs? K, thanks.