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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kate Spade NY: Sample Sale LOVE!

As the past few weeks have progressed, I have acquired a BRAND NEW OBSESSION. Lovely readers, I have fallen for the sweet styles of Kate Spade New York. For me, the reason Ive become attracted to Kate Spade is for the BRIGHT colors, & the GORGEOUS prints that are featured on most of their products! In my opinion, Kate Spade has this FUN and flirty style, thats a somewhat Preppy, yet it works for EVERYONE! Versatility at its cutest!

So, while tracking around my new found love, I discovered that Kate Spade is having a sample sale with peroducts 75% off, starting TODAY and ending this THURSDAY! So ofcourse, I HAD to let everyone know & also show you a few of my favorite picks!


Fashion Nylon Jasmine: I LOVE the color of the bag! Thats definitely what attracted me to it. It just looks like a fun bag, and something id really love for going out Downtown with my friends.

Wellesley Maeda: Firstly, the name of this bag is KILLER! And second, I love the shape of the bag too! Its just really adorable.

Hit the Dock Rudy: I REALLY love the knot style of the handle, and I really like the metalic color and feel!

Head In The Sand Neda: The orange color REALLY pops, and I like that! Also, I like clutch wallets, there's something about them!

Devote Mod Leopard Lacey: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PATTERN! And the black and white contrast is just absolutely too cute!

Cheltenham Zippered Chrissy: I love the name, and I REALLY like the metalic-ish look/feel! Also, I like the fact thats its a wristlet. Not sure why, but I like it!

So, I REALLY recommend you check out the KSNY sample sale! Whether you buy something or not, you'll still get to fill your eyes with utter loveliness, and who knows maybe you'll pick something up! To get to the sale, just go to and there will be a picture link to the sale! Enjoy!


P.S if you haven't hear of Pinterest, I think you should google it ASAP! Its the ULTIMATE inspiration board, and its just REALLY awesome! I just requested an invite, so HOPEFULLY I get one soon! I need a release from exams adding to blogging ;)


  1. Just found your blog and it's lovely. You can request an invite from pinterest - that's what I did. You have to wait a week or two but now i'm in!

    Just enter your e-mail address on the below link:

    Amy :)

  2. Thank you! & oh, I see. Id seen the request link, but i thought it'd be like the ones for lookbook that take AGES! Haha. Ill try it out though :)