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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheetah Print Days!

Cheetah print isnt only for shoes or clothes, or even for Cheetahs themselves! ITS ALSO FOR NAILS! So Im sitting around at home feeling bored, when I decide to do a little bit of creative working. The product? Watermelon-Inspired-Sorta Cheetah Print nails! I LOVE THEM! I did them a few times during the school year, but I think they're PERFECT for summer! Showin' off the wild side! Enjoy! & if you guys would like it, I could put up a tutorial for how to do them! I hope the pictures are clear enough, I was worried they wouldnt be. Toothpicks and Patience result in fun! I painted a base coat, then did random dots in 2 greens, then outlines them using a toothpick and a dark polish.


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