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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Falling Into Ease: List #1

Whenever im blogging or making Polyvore sets, or even just surfing the web I always come across lots of really nice things! May they be home decor, clothes, books, music, lots & lots & lots!
So, I decided to show you guys a few things I discovered over the past week that I really wanted to share! They made me say OOOO AAAA WOOWWWW I WANT!  Enjoy!
Falling Into Ease

1. Printed/Nautical Scarves: I really really love them! They have such a classic feel to them, yet the print makes them really bold!
2. Bandeau Tops: I sadly havent gotten around to wearing any, but I like bandeau tops a lot! I have so many ideas on how to wear them, and as soon as I hit up Forever 21, i'll show them off! I think if theyre worn the right way, they can be really fashionable!
3. Carissa Black: One of my favorite stores of all times is Carissa Black, because I love their products! They have really cool printed bags, coin purses, and makeup bags! Its just a whole collection of fresh and beautiful accessories!
4. Patterned Woven Flats: The moment I saw these flats, I fell in love! The tribal print is absolutely gorgeous, and I really like the subtle blue and white colors!
5. Runway Dreamz: The shorts from Runway Dreamz are absolutely amazing! They're fun, stylish, and really creative! They are definitely the shorts of summer, and you MIGHT be seeing a DIY SOON ;)
6. Clocks // Coldplay & Chicago // Sufjan Stevens: I recently heard a mash-up of these two songs, and I fell in LOVE with them!  Wait.....thats an understatement. They've been on replay on my ipod for the past 4 days! Sadly, I couldnt find the mashup on itunes, but I have no issues with them seperately! They're both fantastic songs.
7. Nautical Stripes: Im still obsessed with nautical stripes! I went into American Appareal yesterday (Window shopping love!), and I was in stripe HEAVEN! I saw bags, I saw shirts, I saw shorts! The whole shabbang! Thats become basically half my dream closet!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my little week list! Cause I know I had fun putting it together!



  1. oh wow, love all of that! even though some things are edgier they definitely attract my versatile taste!

    XO Sahra

  2. Thank you! Yeah, im definitely leaning towards more out-there items but i love it!

  3. Nice set!

  4. Nice blog dear! and I love this set!
    im following. Hope you do the same :)

  5. @t: Thank you!
    @Flaviana: Thanks so much!

  6. I'm so happy to have stumbled on your beautiful blog via College Prep :) I cannot get enough of the nautical stripes this season! Your polyvore skills rock--you should put them to use for Friday's Fancies one week soon...though I can't promise big winnings, it is super fun! Happy 4th! xoxo {av}