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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fishin' For Love!

A while back, my mom came home and told me she had a present for me from one of her work friends. Ofcourse I was ECSTATIC, until she opened the wasnt EXACTLY what I expected, but I took it graciously and shoved it into my drawers and its been there for a few months.
After a while, I warmed up to the gift. Its a gorgeous jean jacket vest, with amazing art on the front and back! Ms. Suzie, thank you so much! Today, I was looking for something to wear and I stumbled upon it. I immediately put it on, and thought hmmmm maybe I was a little wrong before! It may be a little out there, but I just love it and its super cool! So here's an outfit post for ya.

Be sure to check out her store Priscilla Creations!
Vest: Priscilla Creations, Tank: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Forever21, Boots: Steve Madden

P.S be sure to check out two AMAZING stores (who I shall intro later on), Nicole Lee U.S.A and Chunky Bling! Amazing products, perfect prices! Just click their banners on the right side of my blog, and enjoy!


  1. cool!
    XO Sisi

  2. That's awesome! I want it :)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  3. Love this outfit, your denim jacket is divine! <3

  4. I love your outfit ! FANTASTIC :)

  5. nice outfit;)

  6. Beautiful outfit ! Nice to discover your blog !

  7. This is awesome! Love the vest, your skirt, and boots! You have such fabulous style! Definitely following.


  8. That Vest! Grrrr.... If I could I would take it right off you and run. Probably wouldn't feel too guilty either.
    lots of love to you.

  9. @Rebecca: Thank you so much!
    @ Amy: Haha oh gosh, I guess I gotta lock it up huh? ;) She might actually be able to remake it if you email her! Thanks!

  10. great outfit!! amazing vest and i love those boots <3