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Friday, March 4, 2011

VACATION, vacation!

That is EXACTLY what I want! Lol. I have VERY good news, I MADE THE LACROSSE TEAM! Our first scrimmage is on Saturday, then after that we have the actual games & practices! GO LADIES!

Ive grown to absolutely LOVE long black maxi skirts! I dont know if its because I saw them somewhere, or because I saw someone wearing them. Probably BOTH! The long black maxi skirts are absolutely GORGEOUS, and they're just so simple yet stylish! Im thinking of going shopping next weekend, & I definitely will SCOUR Forever 21 for one!
While on my shopping adventure, I plan on FINALLY buying those absolutely gorgeous Classic Sperry Topsiders! And also, I finally found the double finger ring I wanted for a GREAT price (under $10), so I plan on getting it tonight!

This is my vacation themed outfit for this post, and I must say I REALLY like this outfit! Its just a bunch of simple things put together to make, what I think, is an amazing outfit! Take note of the Sperrys (Which will be my OTHER purchase next week, hopefully), the Black maxi skirt, the Double Finger Cross Ring (I fell in love with it, & will NEVER let it go!), and that leather satchel!(I found a bag JUST like it on Asos, so I might get that one) This is definitely something I would wear out downtown in the summer, or even to a place by the beach. There's just something about it that I REALLY like! Not sure what yet though.

P.S keep on the lookout for a new post with GORGEOUS shoes I got for $10 at Sears! Trust me, it'll be worth it!



  1. Congratulations on making the team!

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