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Monday, February 28, 2011

RING RING! Pull The Trigger!

So recently, ive developed a love for RINGS! All sorts of rings. Bright colored rings, black & white rings, plain rings, & even rings FILLED with little surprises! So now, I plan on going to Forever 21 and just LOADING up on rings! Haha.
For this post, ive selected a few pictures of absolutely GORGEOUS rings I love, & its just a little hand candy post (get it? hand candy? i kid! i kid!), for you guys and myself. I hope you enjoy it!

This song kind of reminds me of Rock Candy.....its SO pretty!

I really love this ring! Its so simple, but its just REALLY pretty! I love its style, but I cant remember what the style of picture/stone is called. hmmm

I REALLY like the scull ring! Its kind of dark, but I really like it.

I really want a cross ring like the one she's wearing, or one ill post below. They're really nice, & i love the style.

There's the kind of cross ring I want, & its fit to for two fingers. I REALLY like it! Im not sure exactly why, but I just like it. Also, I really love her full finger ring! Its a little long, but its gorgeous!

Ships Ahoy! I really love these rings. They're simple, yet they're gorgeous & just make their own statements.

Wow! I just love ALL the rings she's wearing! My favorites are the bows, the snake, the leaf, and the multi-heart ring on her right hand.

This ring is just BEAUTIFUL! Thats ALL i can say! It literally leaves me speechless<3

I really love ALL the rings she's wearing! The first two on her left are gorgeous, yet really simple. The scull one is just AWESOME, the one on her pointer finger is really pretty, the flower one is SO cute, the picture flower one is GORGEOUS, & the pearl is so adorable! A mouthful, but mostly just a STYLEFUL! haha.

-Two Finger Cross Ring
-Victorian Style Ring (Mentioned Above)
-Jumbo Pearl Ring (Ive seen those around, & they're so pretty!)
-Knuckle Ring (Somewhat like the long finger ring above)
-Turquoise Stone Ring (Like the GORGEOUS one above!)

I hope you guys liked the post, & the rings ive shown. Leave a comment if you please! I appreciate EVERY SINGLE COMMENT & FOLLOW♥ You guys ROCK! Without your help and without your support, i wouldnt be following my dreams.


P.S I start Lacrosse tommorow! Im SO excited!


  1. i totally agree....i love rings ....wear different ones every day
    can't beat forever 21 for a good ring fix :)
    all the best

  2. Im so jealous! Lol. I have such a little collection haha
    You too! Thanks!

  3. Amazing ring choices. I have just started to add them to my collection too. Great blog!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. these rings look so great! :)

  5. OMG this post is so inspiring!
    I love statements rings, I think it's obvious in my latest posts.

  6. beautiful rings! I like them all!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Same here, rings have become my latest obsession. The bigger and bolder they are, the better! :D I'm especially crushing on knuckle rings :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

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  9. I have that cheetah ring! it' so cute, I wear it al the time, you should get that :)

  10. Thanks so much for visiting!
    I agree with all of you guys, ring are just amazing!

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