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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer's Golden Armour


While doing my usual blog-trolling, I came across some absolutely GORGEOUS swimsuits, & I decided it what time for show and tell! Haha. These swimsuits aren't your usual SUPER printed, BRIGHT, and FUZZY ones, but trust me, they will SURELY catch eyes on the sand, AND in the water! Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you VPL Bikini Bathing Suits, aka my newest obsession! They are a little expensive, so for me these are EYE CANDY. But one day, one faithful day, they WILL be mine! Lol.

Top Suit: I really love this swim suit! I love the glittery copper part of it, and how its more of a tankini, but a VERY stylish one at that! I also REALLY like the caged style of it, & Its just really nice!

Bottom Suit: I really like this suit as well, but its more of a classic black/white/cream color. As most of you know, Im VERY much of a glitter girl! Lol. I actually DO love the fact that its really a classic style, and it doesnt stand out TOO much but its out there just enough. Like the one above, it has the caged style, which seems to be REALLY popular!
Blue Bikini Above: THIS is my favorite bikini out of all three! I absolutely love the colors, and also I really like the style! Its a bandeau type bikini top, and just from the FIRST time I saw it I loved, & I still do! I can really see myself wearing it. I just have to get together $200 for it........THAT might be a little problem! Lol.

You can find the gorgeous swimsuits above here!


  1. I these 3 swimsuits are so originel and I love them! Definitely something I could wear :D

  2. That first bikini is extremely pretty! Kinda 50s but still minimalistic, nice!

  3. Hells bells these are effing amazing!I must have one!

  4. I love vintage looking suits! My favorite is the 2nd. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth