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Friday, March 11, 2011

Goodies Galore, What Else Is In Store?

OMG! IS THIS A POST?! Haha, yes, yes it is! Im SO sorry for leaving you with a postless week! Lacrosse & School have TAKEN OVER my life! But, Im back & I bring goodies!
Recently, on a little shopping trip to Sears with my parents, I picked up some AMAZING desert shoes! I absolutely love them, & they're so comfortable. And the BEST part?.........they were ONLY $10! They're water-resistant(lets just say....i had a rough day! lol), & I just LOVE them!
And also, I just received a LOVELY package from Carissa Black, the owner of one of my FAVORITE stores Carissa Black. What did I receive? Non other than an absolutely GORGEOUS cosmetic bag, with a two-shade pink pattern on the outside, then an UNBELIEVABLY pretty pattern inside! Hmm....ill let the pictures do the talking! Lol.

Im all smiles! I hope for good days today & good days forever(:

P.S I have an INTERESTING idea for my shoes! Im thinking of getting a bunch of wild-colored shoe laces, & changing up the laces on the shoes. So sparkly blue laces one day, & neon pink another? DEFINITELY! What do you think?



  1. I am so happy to see desert boots back in fashion! I loved them when i wore then 20 years ago and they are one of the few things that can be repeated in a lifetime!

  2. Ooh that bag is so cute! And I love love love desert boots, they looks so good and go with everything. Changing the laces sounds really good, it'll look great! x

  3. I agree! My dad wore desert shoes back in the day too, & his are actually the reason I got mine! I love them!
    & thanks Sonia! I cant wait for my colorful-feet days! lol

  4. That bag is so wonderful! And I am loving the idea for your shoes. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth