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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For The Lovers Of The Others

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines day, & I hope it was very special to you! Mine was pretty good, flowers from my AMAZING friends included, and also I went to the VALENTINE'S DAY DANCE! I got to wear a GORGEOUS Zipper Dress from one of my favorite stores, Tulle( So Ill post a picture from the dance in this post.
For this post, I just wanted to put up a few things I am currently in LOVE with! Its literally a WISH-LIST, but with everything I am DYING to get a hold of! Enjoy!


ITEM #1: Long Sequin Skirt - This skirt was actually featured in TEEN VOGUE! So ofcourse ive dreamt about it for the past two weeks, then I open up TV & its right there! I REALLY think its a sign from the stars! Lol. I love the color of this skirt, and how its just so flowy! The sequin idea just makes it ten times better. Its a Mermaid skirt, & I LOVE it!

ITEM #2: Classic Sperry Topsiders -I NEED Sperrys! Every outfit would go SO well with them, & I really wish I had them! I really love these ones because they're simple, yet they stand out and just make everything look super good.   

ITEM #3: Le Pliage Bag from Longchamp -This bag is so simple, yet really awesome! Ive seen a few girls at school who have it, and I just stare and drool, wishing one of them were mine! Haha. I love how the colors are all so vibrant, & there's such a great assortment! Definitely on my want list!

ITEM #4: Aqua Raybans -We've talked about this......I know im addicted. The only cure? THESE BABIES in my hands by Summer 2k11! They're BEAUTIFUL! Thats all I shall say XD

ITEM #5: Naval Tee -J. Crew is DEFINITELY one of my favorite stores right now, and when I laid eyes on this Naval Tee I fell in love! Such a simple piece with great impact!

 ITEM #6: Schoolboy Blazer -I NEED A BLAZER! All the ones I had before are MUCH too small, & I just want a simple blazer that I can pair with anything! This one is just absolutely perfect!

 (The absolutely GORGEOUS skirt I want was featured in Teen Vogue! I am SO jealous of the model wearing it!)

(A picture of me from the Valentine's Day Dress, in an absolutely GORGEOUS dress from Tulle)

P.S Be on the lookout for a REALLY nice fashion shoot coming up, FEATURING THAT DRESS!♥ I absolutely love it, & its just perfect!

P.P.S I PROMISE to pick up posting for the rest of the week/the rest of forever! Ive just been SO busy with school, but now I am in a VERY good place to blog!
Expect LOTS of styling posts coming up, and a BUNCH of Magazine-Inspired Page Collages.



  1. Your wishlist=amazing
    and your dress=amazing. Haha :)
    I want seriosuly everything you have posted!! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. Awww you look awesome!

    I am craving white wayfarers :O)
    And a Longchamp bag! I need a trip to the city!