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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Y-O-U-T-H Rebellion!

ITS TIME FOR AN INSPIRATION POST! & this one is filled with AMAZING inspiration pictures! Ive been trolling around the internet looking for things for the next Hype, & I decided I owe you guys one. So here's a little MID WEEK LOVE. 
Oh & btw, THERE'S A WISHLIST COLLAGE AT THE BOTTOM♥ Havent made them in a while, so thought i'd break out the old dusty skills & do work. ;D

 (All Images from

& now, for the wishlist.....


This is just a pretty simple wishlist collage, which I based on Blue-Colored Items, & I thought id share it with you guys. Keep an eye out for probably my BEST wishlist-collage yet, & I CANNOT wait to show you!

Hope you guys liked the inspiration pictures, & my little collage :)


P.S As most of you know, my DREAM is to be a Creative Director at a huge magazine one day. ANY constructive criticism or tips you can give me would be great appreciated, & would be taken VERY well! So yeah, just tell me what you think of my collages etc. Much love!


  1. Love the set! The items you choose are great and all together looks so fresh! xx

  2. I've never heard of this site but I'm definitely going to check it out! This pictures are very inspirational! The 5th one even has one of my fav tv stars, Simon Baker! And I'm so ready for warmer weather!