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Sunday, February 20, 2011

BELIEVE My Hype Numero Cuatro

Its Sunday, which means that I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU! Its time for me to try my BEST to make your week much better, & hopefully whenever you're having a tough day you go "HEY! I remember Tariro made me smile this Sunday!"

For this Hype, I bring to you 3 Editorial Style pages Ive created. 2 of them are actual shopping pages, such as ones you'd see in Teen Vogue etc. The last one is my signature one, a WISH LIST! Lol. I suppose its time I get some practice with creative directing before I attempt to make my BIG break! I hope you all enjoy them, & hope each theme makes you smile!


I decided to call this page LOCALS ONLY, because it was heavily influenced by surfing and just having LOTS of fun! I really love the colors, and I CANNOT wait for summer!


This page is called LOVERS DELIGHT, & its really just based on having a good time out on a little date night. Kind of a late-valentine's day type of this :)


And finally, my WISH LIST!(I posted it before, but I wanted to show it again as a HYPE) I really made this one just for fun, and the ONE THING I want the most from this wishlist is the Longchamp Le Pliage bag! AHHHH! I die!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week, & hopefully Ive made it somewhat better before it even starts.



  1. I love these collages! Awesome!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  2. These are AMAZING Tariro! I am amazed. I am loving the second one. Cute picks. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth