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Sunday, January 23, 2011

RAH-RAH! Playing In Pearls♥

As some of you may have read previously, I play field hockey. Not just as any other member, but as the JV GOALIE! Yes! Little tiny me is the goalie. I had played field hockey before, but taking on the position of being a goalie was STRESSFUL, HARD, & IN THE END VERY WORTH IT!
I got the chance to play for one of the top High Schools in the US, so shoutout to SHS! You girls are amazing<3
You may be thinking, Tariro........where are you going with this? Well lovely readers, im going ALL THE WAY TO THE GAMEDAY!

Being on a team sport, I have learned that there is nothing better than big bold school spirit. Thats where the amazing store The Gameday Girls comes along. With their gorgeous products, your school spirit goes from just RAH-RAH to OOO-LA-LA! From amazing Auburn University Jumbo Peal earrings, to the lovely Georgia Tech Bracelet. From gorgeous headbands, to stylish scarfs! The Gameday Girls are sure to outfit your VERY well for those big games. The best part? If you cant find your school, THEY CAN CUSTOM MAKE THE PRODUCTS FOR YOU & YOUR SCHOOL! So say I cant find my high school, all Id have to do is fill out a special order form, and it'd be all done!

Auburn Pride

University of Florida, Gator Earrings

Go Greek With Custom Sorority Pearls

Georgia Tech Represent

Clemson University Paw Print Pearl Earrings

HOW amazing are their products?! There are so many more you can view on their website, which is just full of perfect products just for you! This is one way to say GO TEAM, while looking absolutely fantastic while doing so!
To Shannon & Kaitlin aka the Gameday Girls, keep up the fantastic work!

xoxoxo Big T The Little Goalie(HOW ironic is that nickname?)


  1. I love your blog, and especially the reviews and stores you find. (I would comment on your polyvore set, but I might not be your contact?) Oh well, I love reading your blog when I'm bored.

  2. Thank you SO much! That means SO much to me!
    & Im SO sorry about that! I just took off the contacts only option, so just PM me & I will add you :)

  3. Hi Tariro!!!
    I <3 your blog, and thanks for doing this post about the Gameday Girls.
    They rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. THANK YOU!!♥
    Im glad you enjoy the post!

  5. I love the spirit you all have in High Schools in the U.S over team sports and recreation.