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Thursday, January 20, 2011

All About Savile: A Blogstory

Ive always wondered what people think when they arrive on my blog.........Do they like the colors? Have they read my info?........How did they get here? Will they come back?........Is that my mom? ;D
I really have always wanted to just have ONE blog post where I write a little more about myself and my blog, so what time is better than now? New Year, new readers, new information!

Well, I guess I can start of on myself. My name is Tariro, im 14 years young, and I LOVE fashion. Ive always been the one to dress a little extra, to wear the white Mary Janes, not the black ones. To wear the sparkles, not just the regular. I was born on September 28, 1996 in Harare, Zimbabwe. I moved to the United States when I was 8, and thats when I began to fall in love with graphic designing. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and other graphic programs, and its been on since then! My dream job is to be a creative director at a magazine, and I would LOVE to model for Free People. Im VERY loud, vocal, and I literally run on sugar. Im always available to help ANYONE who needs it, and I have learned that there is NOTHING wrong with being myself.
Currently, I am a freshman in high school. I play Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and also enjoy the new-sport called Boy Watching. IM KIDDIN' IM KIDDIN'. Im always up for new things, and having fun. I love my family, and without them I have NO idea who Id be. Im still on the great journey of self-discovery, so if I could tell you EXACTLY who I am, I would. But sadly, I cant. I think of myself as a HUGE puzzle that just will never be done.

Now, about my big bad blog. Savile. My blog is named after Savile Row. Whats that? You may ask. WELL, its an AMAZING shopping street in Mayfair, central London. 
Before I started my blog, id always read about it in Magazines and other writings, so I decided well......why NOT make my blog a tribute to The Row?
HOW did I start blogging? Well, one day a new issue of Teen Vogue arrived in my mailbox. Inside it were stories of girls who'd started something called a BLOG, where they talked about their LOVE for fashion. And a lightbulb went off in my head. WHY couldnt I do that? I asked myself. Well, I actually COULD! What other better way to show my ideas, and see the ones of OTHERS than a blog?
So, I hopped onto, and Savile was born. Even from my FIRST post, I knew that blogging would be one of my FAVORITE things to do! I loved being able to say what I REALLY liked, & sometimes what I DIDNT. Also, I LOVED seeing other blogs! I loved reading them all, and it just seemed like one huge community!

As of now, my blog is JUST as special to me as on the FIRST day! I have 92 AWESOME followers, lots of AMAZING readers, and so many opinions voiced RIGHT here on my own blog! To tell you the truth, there were SO many people who really didnt/dont believe in me. BUT, I proved them wrong, and shall continue to do so. Through blogging, ive made SUCH amazing friends, learned A LOT of new things, and also have been able to get a LITTLE PEEK at the actual fashion world! Who knew that I could be RIGHT there with my favorite stores, just from a click? Who knew I would be to CONNECT with millions of other bloggers around the world, from just typing in a few words?! I can help others decide whats GOOD to buy, and what might NOT be.

I am SO thankful for everything! For my readers, my followers, my fantastic blog friends, and most of all my family! ALL of you are part of a great journey for me, and EVEN THOUGH we're all not sure EXACTLY where ill land, we're in it together.
For a while, I felt as though I had begun to post about things I really didnt care for. As much as INFLUENCE may be a great thing, sometimes its what brings us DOWN. In 2011, ALL you're gonna see in 100% Tariro. Not 95%, 100%. I have good things set up, so STAY ALONG♥

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  1. Aw I love this post, you seem such a lovely person and I admire what you say, hehe its good to be different!

    your blog will just keep getting more and more amazing :) x