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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dress UP Or Go DOWN

Hey everyone! I have a REALLY exciting post for you guys! So, as 2011 comes along we've all made resolutions. Some of us, even STYLE resolutions!
I, my lovely readers, am one of those who made Style Resolutions. From Colors to Patterns, from Pink to Cheetah. Im gonna show you what Im REALLY looking forward to wearing this year, and how I plan on wearing it. Blogging and seeing other blogs has definitely opened me up to new things, and I really feel like THIS is the year to experiment. Enjoy!



Black: I dont think any fashionable year would be complete without a little Black! I like to think of Black as the go-to color when you cant find that ONE piece to complete an outfit! Sometimes, when Im going to out to dinner with my family, I really want to look my best. So I break out all my favorite colors, then one black piece of wear to set it all off. Personally, I think Black just makes everything look better ;D

Gold(Shimmer): I think by the end of 2011, we'd established that I had a thing for shiny bling. Or more likely, shiny clothing. Ive ALWAYS been a big fan of shimmer! J Crew has done an AMAZING job introducing shimmer into their clothing, and though some people are NOT fans of that, I am a HUGE fan! ANY clothing brand that's well known for good quality is a friend of mine, and when they have some of my favorite things its AWESOME! Take a peep at the shiny Gold toms, and the two Cardigans from J Crew.

Mint: EVERYWHERE I go someone's rockin mint! Im starting to get a little in love! Haha. Mint nails, mint clothing, mint bags, mint drinks! ITS A MINT WORLD! I just absolutely adore the color! Its so subtle, yet utterly gorgeous! In the second outfit, you can see the scented Mint nailpolish. Im not sure if id go fort scented nail polish, but hey. ANYTHING that looks that good, ill like!

Coral: Wanna know something funny? IM WEARING A CORAL SHIRT RIGHT NOW! I absolutely positively am loving coral right now! For some reason, I get compliments when I wear this shirt!  Im thinking that maybe this could be my signature color? Does ANYONE have a signature color? Haha. But yes, I proclaim that you shall see LOTS of Coral on Savile.

Pale Pink: When I was younger, I abosolutely ADORED pink! Like bubblegum super Barbie pink. But now, Ive somewhat toned it down to just a little pink. I feel like a little pink goes A LONG way, maybe all the way to the Valentine's Day Dance? Which by the way, I REFUSE to skip! Haha. Ive seen A LOT of really pretty pale pink blazers, so maybe I shall attempt to get a hold of one. Thrift store trip? YES!

Outfit #1: As you can see in the image at the Polyvore set on top, there are two outfits. They are both just ways id interpret each of the colors.
The first outfit is pretty much something Id wear to school, or even out with my friends Downtown. Its a really fun outfit, straight reppin' my personality, and DEFINITELY something id wear! I couldnt pick between the Cardigans, so as you can see there are two very shiny ones in it. I didnt wanna go on a color OVERLOAD, so i picked to wear it with white skinny jeans.

Outfit #2: This is a MUCH more dressed up look. The only time I could think of wearing this is maybe to a dinner? To a dance? To a fancy party? my very first Magazine party? Yes, I shall get there one day. I really love how shiny the dress is, but its not TOO much. It gets pretty toned down with the black blazer. I also REALLY REALLY love those shoes! 1 word, KILLER!

So I hope you all enjoyed this post! Dont worry, these arent the ONLY colors i'll be wearing. Just my favorites, and ones Ill be looking forward to.

Keep on the lookout for PATTERNS I cant wait to wear this year! 



  1. I love this! All those colors are so pretty and I can't wait to see all the ways you come up with to wear them. I'm slowly but surely becoming obsessed with mint green, as well!

  2. Thanks SO much!
    & yes, Mint green is making an appearance!

  3. I just found your blog..and I love it! I'm a new follower! :)

  4. thanks, this post is really helpful. I love your blog :)
    i'm now following you, i'd love it if you followed back.

  5. Hello, love!
    I've just come across your blog, and you seem exactly the same as me - which is pretty strange haha!
    i want to live in NY too - and be a creative director! I'm glad im not the only one :')

    I love this post, especially the mint greens and corals

    Following, care to do the same m'dear?

    Ruth xo

  6. WOOP WOOP! Thats awesome! Haha. Future creative directors for the win!Thanks!♥

  7. Tasty cardigan with all the gems and detailing. :)

    have a good weekend

  8. you have an amazing blog girl :D kisses

  9. I agree! I love the cardigans.
    & thank you Manuella!