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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Happy Sunday everyone! Or...... not really? Haha. Anyways, I have something BRAND NEW FOR YOU! Ive decided that every Sunday, to cheer you up for the week and to kill my own boredom, ILL POST LOVELY PICTURES & FAVORITES OF MINE. Just for you ;D
Its called the Weekly Hype. And I really hope believe my hype.

Nickelodeon x Nooka Spongebob Watches; They're so cute, & they're just fun!

Room Decor; Ive always loved interior design, and when I saw this room, I literally died! It has an amazing feel to it, & so I fell for it!

Max Mara 2011 Spring Weekend Campaign; Ive never seen so much color in my life, and its amazing! The colors arent all too bright, which makes them amazing and balances them out!

Barbara Palvin for Vogue Spain; Oh my gee! She's GORGEOUS, and this whole editorial is amazing! Each look is different, yet its all so perfect together!

Chanel 2011 Spring/Summer Campaign; I LOVE! I ADORE! I WANT! I really love how the black and white in the pictures stands out, and how the pictures are so simple yet very classy!(The usual loved Chanel)

Dree Hemingway for Vogue China; As you all know, I absolutely LOVE Dree Hemingway! She looks gorgeous in this picture, and I even love her hair! Oh, and lets not forget the amazing colors!

Dungalees; DUNGALEES! I used to rock these back in the day, and my love for them hasnt gone! They may also be known as OVERALLS. So, in the set above is one way I would wear them. As far as I can see, they're coming back in style! Which is good for me because IM READY TO WEAR THEM AGAIN! Ahahaha. They are just too cute!

Well, thats all for tonight! Its time for me to try to get rest, then its back to school. I hope you guys loved whats above as much as me, and HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK! I have great posts planned.



  1. That MaxMara campaign is stunning! Wow. Great picks for the week ahead — I hope it's a good one!

  2. aw! This is such a wonderful idea. And that bedroom is stunning. I would love to have a room like that. I also love the Max Mara!! That dress is adorable. I am ready for bright colors instead of the usual greys, blacks and browns of winter!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Ah so many cool things!! I love that bedroom and the last shot has just inspired me for a photoshoot I'm doing next week! :D

  4. The second last photo is awesome!

    xx Marije

  5. love your polyvore set, found you on there! Following :)


  6. I saw this post on Polyvore i love the set fab fab.

  7. Amazing blog and pictures! I've found you through polyvore too, you have a new follower! xx