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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Challenge To Mr. Darwin

OH SURPRISE! Two outfit posts back to back! Ahhh! Im just as excited as you all! Ive had such fantastic outfit ideas for this week, and I really couldnt wait to put this post up! I dug up an old belt, put on a new jacket, and slipped on my weather boots. This my friends, was what I wore today. By the way, thank you for all the awesome comments on my previous post! Enjoy!

Those amazing shoes pictured above are my BABIES! Haha. I absolutely adore those shoes! They are warm, fluffly, and just look really good! My dad bought them one day at a thrift store, and brought them home for my little feet to enjoy! 
Also, this is one of those times when I actually REALLY like the pictures of the outfit! Who wouldve known? ;) I have lots of really good posts lined up for the next week or two, so please keep posted! One of my favorites will feature something showing Team Spirit!

OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, remember that one skirt from J Crew I was in love with? It sold out :(
All that glitter.........just gone.........slipped past my hands! Oh well, life goes on! Haha. Ill find another one.


  1. It's a great feeling stumbling upon a new outfit! the front black part of the shoes contrasting with the camel colour is invoking. :)

  2. love it!

  3. Thanks so much guys!
    & I agree! I love the colors of the shoes.

  4. Super great and simple outfit :-) And the shoes do sure looks warm and comfy! Oh and great blog btw, I hope you´ll take a look at my blog sometime, and maybe follow me back.


  5. I must say i dont ever know wich boots to wear for snow.. But if i had these i would def wear them! Their great! Have a nice weekend.

  6. Thanks so much Sofie!
    & yes, they're perfect for snowy weather!

  7. Hate when something I've been eying and finally decide to buy is sold out. Such a bummer. If there's demand they should make a lot.

  8. so cute! those boots are definitely amazing :)

  9. I am in love with those boots! You look amazing here, as always. :) Great outfit post dear. Can't wait for more.
    It's so crazy, I feel like we are both growing up so much. I remember when we started to follow each others blogs like two years ago or something like that when I had my old one beyond flowers!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. Thanks Tori!
    Ria Michelle, I completely agree!
    & Chelsea! Awwww bringing back all the good old days! I feel like I was so tiny back then! Lol. Its really awesome to see how much we've grown, & how we're STILL following each other & speaking two years later!