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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whats Your New Years Resolution?

Whats your new years resolution? To save up more money? To spend more time with your family? To finally talk to that one guy you like? To finally buy that one pair of shoes? To kick the Rebecca Bloomwood syndrome? Well, whatever it is I WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT! And so does Polyvore!

With their awesome new contest, you can win $500 for whatever you'd like, all by making a set that depicts what your New Years Resolution is! How easy is that?! You can make AS MANY SETS AS YOU'D LIKE, the more the merrier!

My resolution is to not be afraid to try new things, and not put myself down when I come up with new ideas! So, I made a set to depict that. Gorgeous cheetah print shoes for new things, and studs to represent my drive to work my best. The jeans have a little tie sash, to show that ill always be my fun little self. Whats your set gonna show? Get workin' ;)

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore


  1. i might do this! my new years resolution is to try to have less stress and to work hard towards all my goals(:
    Really cool set btw <3

  2. cute! i really love the handbag! great post and merry christmas!! :)



  3. That mini editor is cool! I saw the set on polyvore and I really might try to do one for my resolutions. Hope you can achieve your goals and have a good 2011.

    Happy new year! ^^

  4. Thanks so much! I hope you do too :)