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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dirty Olympian Gold & Spa Days

Hello hello hello. Ive been having somewhat of a bland winter break so far, and I decided that I shouldnt just waste my time mopping around. My solution? HAVE A MINI SPA DAY! So here's a post about it, and what I used.
Yes! You read it correctly. I decided to have a spa day. I didnt go all out crazy, but it was so much fun! I really recommend this for EVERYONE! You dont need to have $500 products! Just a few things, some good music, and good spirits.

For Christmas, my friends gave me lots of really nice things. Before I continue with my post, I just wanna say thank you to all my friends! You guys are amazing, and I am so happy to have people like you in my life.
For the little spa day adventure, I used the Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush(courtesy of Kimberly), Grease Lightning skin cleanser(courtesy of Amy), and the Coach shiny gold nailpolish(courtesy of Amy). Who knew Coach made nailpolish? Either way, its AMAZING!

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb:
I really loved the bath bomb! The name is a little.....out there? But its so amazing! I take showers, instead of baths so I used mine in the shower. It wasnt as difficult as I thought it'd be! What I did was I first wet my towel, then wrapped the bath bomb in it to make it a little soft before use. IT MADE POPPING SOUNDS! Probably the highlight of my spa day! When I turned the water on, I rubbed the bath bomb on my towel and just got clumps of it. When I first used it on my skin, it hurt a little so I ran it under water some more. I prefer using the bath bomb at its softest, using it as a scrub. It made my skin SO SOFT! Appareantly it has soya milk in it for that? I highy recommend using this bomb. I must warn you, ITS QUITE MESSY! Pink water everywhere my friends! Haha. I give it a 9/10. 1 point off for being a little rough at first, and for the mess. Otherwise, I love it!

Grease Lightning Skin Cleanser:
Its this really nice smelling gel for face cleansing. Thats pretty simple. I really liked this cleanser! Its to take off oil on your face, and just make it really clean. I used this before I showered, then just washed it off in the shower. It kind of gave off the effect of my skin being tightened. That was sort of uncomfortable for me. But other than that, it was AWESOME! My face looks really good and nice and shiny, and REALLY soft! I also scrubbed my face with the bomb, so the combination works great! 10/10

Coach Gold Nail Polish:
NAIL POLISH! I dont think Ive ever talked about it, but I LOVE nail polish! And as you all know, I am officially IN LOVE with gold and sparkles! Did you guys know I can make cheetah print designs on my nails? No? Well, ill make a post about it soon! My friend Amy gave me this nailpolish, which she got from her mom's nailshop. Its so pretty! It reminds me of like actual gold, and the Olympics. Hence the tittle. I took my time to do my nails, and they came out really well! I recommend layering though, because one coat isnt really enough. Its almost like a tint, so I added more layers because I wanted it to come out really well. 10/10

So, there you have it! The contents of my little spa day. It was really fun, and such a great experience! I got to use the great gifts my friends gave me, and I got to look fantastical. Also, below there's pictures of the products I used AND the Vera Bradley my friend Kimberly gave me for Christmas! I was SHOCKED when she gave it to me, and I love it! It can be a clutch, or a little shoulder bag with the strap. I hope you guys had AMAZING holidays, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Maybe, it gave you an idea for your own spa day? ;)

My favorite nail polishes, the Coach one on the right.

The bath bomb<3

  Grease Lightning Face Cleanser

Gorgeous Vera Bradley from Kimberly.

My toes are painted Gold! I feel so special :)


  1. i love lush bath bombs, even though the smell of the actual shop is a bit too much for me!

    hope you had a nice xmas then! x :)

  2. That sounds exactly what I need! A spa day sounds perfect right now. :) I hope your spirits have been lifted! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. amaze!
    I adore your header, did you design it yourself?xx

  4. Thanks everyone!!
    & yes, I did it myself :)
    Thank you!