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Monday, December 20, 2010

Vera Bradley Galore!

Hey guys! Here's a post I COULD NOT wait to write!
So remember how I have an utter love and soft-spot for Vera Bradley? Well........I might have sort of splurged on two of their bags! YES! I decided that after working my butt off in school and getting the good grades, I should spoil myself! Now ofcourse, Im on the budget of a 14 year old, so I didnt buy the whole store (sadly), but its a start! Also, on a sidenote: The ladies at the Vera store I went to were FANTASTIC! Such great customer service.

On black friday, I bought the Emma bag in Very Berry Paisley (Yum!) for $35
And this Saturday, I bought the Coin Purse in Blue Rhapsody (GORGEOUS color!) for only $11!
They had such fantastic sales this weekend, and I will definitely go back for more! Just a heads up, at Crabtree & Evelyn they had 25% off EVERY Vera Bradley item! Thats where I got the Emma bag.

I must say, I love the bag! Its a drawstring, and has two compartments, one on each side. It also has a pocket inside and LOTS of room! This baby is precious! I treat it like a princess's bag!

My first ever Vera Bradley item was a coin purse in Petal Pink (I MISS IT), and I was in LOVE! I used it ALL the time! I had it for about two years, and sadly I left it in a bathroom at school and never found it :(
Its okay though! Ive got a new coin purse for my change.
Btw, when I went to the Vera Bradley store on Saturday, I couldnt help but laugh! All the husbands and boyfriends that came in looked SO lost! I heard a few of them talking to each other saying, "I dont know what to get her! I just know she LOVES this Vera Bradley stuff". Some of them even had to sit for a minute, others had to call their mothers, it was just adorable! If your hon got you a Vera, then just commend him on his effort before anything else.



  1. I love Vera Bradley! Sadly, I do not own anything by them but I hope to someday. A lot of shops around here sell Vera Bradley. Your purse and coin purse are both so lovely! Happy holidays to you! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. Awww! Oh well, just do what I did. Save up, and then run to the stores! Haha.
    Same to you!

  3. haha! Its so funny watching guys trying to buy stuff for girlfriends! I love that second bag!!