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Monday, December 13, 2010

Late Night Shimmy Downs

There is something I currently LOVE.
Mesh-back little black dresses. Woooo lord. They're so simple, yet very gorgeous & risque!
I was doing a little browsing on 80s Purple, and I came acrosse these 3 dresses. They're probably some of my favorites that Ive seen before, & so I made a polyvore set for them showing off how Id wear them. Enjoy!

Dress #1:
Its at the top left, and Its my FAVORITE of all of them! How gorgeous is it?! I love how its short-sleeved, and the whole back is mesh black. My favorite thing about it it is how its curved at the top, and how it comes around at the waist! Yum yum! I need to stop calling clothes yummy haha.
How Id wear it is with a gorgeous sparkly bag like the one pictured! Also, Id add some nude platform heels to complete the look. Some light jewelry such as a simple necklace, and Im ready to go out. I wouldnt want anything to over-shadow the bag.

Dress #2:
Top left, right next to the first dress. I really like it, except its tank-top style, instead of t-shirt sleeved. Its not a PROBLEM, but I like the first one better because it has much more mesh, and it looks better. Tank top style doesnt give you much to work with, but I cant say it isnt gorgeous! Its a lot more symmetrical, which I really like, such as the rectangle style mesh coming around from the back, and the WHOLE back is completely mesh, as in the first one.
Id wear this dress with a really nice necklace, preferably with pearls in it somewhere (hello thrift store). For shoes, id wear some patent leather nude wedges for just the right fit. Maybe add a clutch in there for good measure.
This would be something Id probably wear out to the little dinners my friends and I have (Well Planned Freshman!).

Dress #3:
Its the dress in both pictures on the bottom right, and its PERFECT! HOW gorgeous is it?! The dress is long-sleeved, which is perfect because then you can basically wear it ANYTIME! I think its nice that the sleeves arent made out of mesh, because that would probably be an overload. It just has the perfect balance of everything! The back is also complete mesh. Its overall just an amazing dress.
Id wear this one with tall riding boots. I really love the look of dresses and riding boots, so Id wanna try that with this one. Id probably add in a satchel bag for keeping my things in, which would be leather and basically the same as the riding boots.
This outfit/dress is something Id wear out to the mall, or downtown with my sister to the movies etc.

The thing I love about ALL these dresses is that they're affordable! They're not like way out of my reach. They're at a great reasonable price, and if I need a new dress id definitely look at one of these. They're a little out there, but thats exactly how I am so they're perfect!


  1. all 3 are gorgeous dresses, but i'd have to agree, from what i can see of it, i like the first one best!

  2. beautiful picks - I definitely have a soft spot for these as well :)

  3. Little black dresses.. Those are perfect! Must have ha ha!!!


  4. I would absolutely love love that third dress. So gorgeous.
    I'm currently on the look out for a holiday dress.