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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things To Get For Father.......

There is no man I have ever met that means more to me than my dad.
I was sitting her, thinking what my next post should be about. An email about the Grungy Gentleman bracelet popped up, and I immediately knew thats what I wanted to make my post about. He's not grungy, but he surely is a gentlemen. This post is about my dad. :)
Also about his style, and how much he's influenced my own. I remember a while ago I asked about if I should do a post on him, & so here it is.

First of all, my dad's name is Wilson. Its basically a family name, and I have the feeling that if I ever had/have a brother his name would be Wilson too. My dad immigrated to the US about 6 years, then my mom, sister, and I followed. My dad's a journalist, and he absolutely loves it!

The best things about my dad is that he is understanding, patient, and just an all around fantastic person! Whenever I am in a bad mood, he's quick to change it into a good one. But at the same time, when I misbehave he's one to set me straight and tell me the correct way things shouldve gone. He barely ever gets angry at me, and is always trying to make sure my sister and I never sway the wrong way. My dad is the one at the hockey games, the pageants, the spelling bees, the honor rolls, and the graduations. He loves taking pictures. He loves sports, especially soccer! We have about 6 soccer channels in our cable service, and he watches EVERY single one of them!

OH BTW, did I mention he was a model for about 10 years? Mhmmm. My old man was a model back in my country. He was very successful too! It got kind of weird seeing my dad's face around though.....but I loved it. Guess thats where I get my looks from ;)

Yes, these are ACTUAL items from his closet

If I may say so myself, my dad dresses VERY well! He's in his early 40s, and I think thats at the peak of when you know EXACTLY what you like to wear. Like no questions asked, just know what you want.
He has a lot of really nice suit jackets, and my favorite ones are his tweed ones. They're this like dark yellow, then there's little red and orange threaded parts going in and out of it.
Another thing my dad loves are corduroys! He has them in SO many colors! Except like aqua blue and other colors that are just......a little too much? He likes to keep it simple, yet still very stylish.
If I were to describe how my dad dresses, Id say he mostly dresses very preppy. The pictures above are just A FEW pieces from his closet, & so you can fill in the blank from my descriptions. Lots of jackets, over coats, pullover sweaters, and leather. 
He owns lots of watches, and they're mostly silver and black-faces. Pretty simple, but I really like them.

Desert Shoes! He's always looking at them when we go to the mall etc. Im thinking of saving up my money and surprising him with them one day........I really think that would make his day.

In life, my dad has influenced me to be positive and look at the glass half full. Sometimes I dont always do so, but hey its worth a try! Also, he's given me my LOVE for writing! Thats why I literally am always on my blog, and why I made it in the first place. I always have ideas.
In style, my dad definitely gave me the preppy side of my style. My mom sort of gave me the "glitters", but she has her own post to appear on. All the Tommy Hilfiger, all the Ralph Lauren, all the vintage. Its my dad.

There's so much more I could say about my dad, but there just wouldnt be enough room! Ofcouse my dad incorporates other styles into his dressing, but this is the most evident. Its basically how I see him in my mind, and what I see in his closet. He also has a love for his favorite sports team jerseys, and so on. Its an ongoing story, my friends.

image from Grungy Gentleman

Id just like to say it is SO hard writing a post about someone else's style, especially a parent! I hope I did him some justice.
I have a theory that in a few years......Ill see my dad in GQ writing about journalism and dressing well.......oh yeah!


  1. Love how you have this post dedicated to your dad, so sweet!

  2. Your dad has a sweet name... dads are great!

  3. You have such a cute blog ^^
    and I love this post it's really adorable and your dad sounds like a cool dad :D

  4. I think it's sweet what your wrote about your dad!