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Monday, November 22, 2010

Staircase To Norway......

Lookie here! Another outfit post! Ive been feeling really inspired lately, trying to find new places to take pics etc. I have something REALLY special coming up, with the help of my amazing friend Ali. Stay tuned!

So here's what I wore today. Its getting chilly, but its not too bad yet. Im wearing my new scarf that I got for $2.99 at Lands' End! YES $2.99! The sales going on right now are amazing! The jacket I got at Burlington Coat Factory this summer, & I love the layered fabric on the sides. And yes, I am wearing Uggs! My goal in life is to show people that Uggs can be cute and fashionable, not tacky and ugly. I think im doing pretty well! Haha.

(Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory, Scarf: Lands' End, Top: Max Rave, Jeans: Trendz, Uggs)


  1. You look really pretty! And what a good deal for that scarf! Amazing! I love finding good deals like that!

    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Nice outfit! I think the uggs look good on you. Why is the post called staircase to norway? :)

  3. Thanks!
    & Haha to tell you the truth....I have no idea. I was listening to the song Norway, & I just came up with it.