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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Skipped Homecoming........

Okay, so I THINK its time to fill you in on whats been going on in my life! The day of my homecoming, which was last Saturday, I didnt go. Why? Because I my friends was at fashion week! YES, DC FASHION WEEK! Well.........the passes SAID DC Fashion Week. SO im guessing it was fashion week? Either way, IT WAS AMAZING!
On the Friday before the show, we had our rehearsal and it was insane! On Saturday, we had a call time of 10:30. So basically I got there, we practiced some more, had fittings, practiced, then just got ready. I got my hair done to look princessy for my looks, & my makeup was done by a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST! I was SO happy! It was AMAZING, &amp
I felt very blessed to be apart of that show, & I will post the professional pictures from the mini photo-shoot we had there & from the actual runway photographers. It was an all Eco Friendly themed fashion show at the DC Convention Center done by the Eco Friendly Fashion Association Of California, & mom came to support me, & it was awesome! I got to walk 2 different looks for 2 different designers, & it was a blast! Here are some pics she took of me:

This is me in my first look from a line called Peruvian Trends Co.

This is my favorite picture that my mom took from the show
Im wearing clothes from a line called Ling Yi

After a long hard day in heels, all I wanted was food & a nap

Keep on the lookout for more! Check out the official Eco Friendly Fashion Association site HERE. BTW, for lunch we went to Chinatown & ate a restaurant called Nandos, which we've been going to since way before I was born in Zimbabwe! They finally got some in the US, so we've been going as much as possible. I didnt get a picture this day, but he'res one from a time we went in the summer.


  1. a fashion show definitely beats a school dance ;)

  2. OMG how exciting! You look amazing!! Such a fun experience

  3. WOW!!! Congrats on being in the show, it looks amazing and the photos are wonderful!