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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free People - The Sudden Urge For Light & Sound

We Had Stopped Listening
The Boys & I
We Had Stopped Behaving
The Girls & Thy

Our Ears Were Useless
The Mothers Cried
Our Fears Were Prudent
The Fathers Pried

Until We Felt It
What We All Needed Most
The Sudden Urge
That Would Hurt Fairly Those
The Deaf Ones
The Us Ones
The Ones Who Were Bold

We Felt The Sudden Urge
The Sudden Urge For Light & Sound

Hey guys! As most of you may know, I LOVE Free People! & lucky for me, they're running this AWESOME contest where you can win a $200 gift card for their store! So, id REALLY appreciate your help on this! ALL YOU GUYS HAVE TO DO is click the link below, & click "I Want It". THATS IT!(You do need to have a Free People account though).
I would DIE if i win! Haha. Thanks so much!

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