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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Even Her Flip-Flops Are Chanel!

This is one of those posts I look forward to! Its a styling post! As some of you may know, my dream is to be the Creative Director of my own magazine. Meaning I want to make the pages of that hopefully amazing magazine! So, what else can a girl do if skipping homecoming, than style outfits & make magazine pages!
These Polyvore fashion sets have my styles, and are all 100% me. They contain the layouts I like to do & can do, so I hope you all enjoy! I worked my patutie off on these trying to make them creative! It aint so easy these days haha.
Sometimes, I feel so torn. I can never stick to just one style of fashion, & since im only 14 I feel like I need to explore every kind of style. I probably will never settle. Ill be a 60 year old Lady Gaga one day....... so bear with me. It'll be a long long long ride on the lovely Savile train.

I hope you guys liked them!
P.S Is it even possible to grind pearls? Hmmm


  1. love these! you've created the perfect mood for each one. great work :) x

  2. I love these! The layout of them is great:) not to mention i love the clothes<3

  3. The goodbye summer one is the best i think
    Rianna xxx

  4. love these inspiration collages!


  5. Love this inspiration post!


  6. Such beautiful sets! I love the colors in the Keep your head High and She Who grinds her Pearls!

  7. Aw, you're the sweetest. I truly believe if you work hard enough, anything can happen. And skipping homecoming is definitely working hard :) I love these- your creativity shows!