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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classy & Knotty. What More Could You Want?

I PRESENT TO YOU........AN OUTFIT POST! & this one is VERY special! The lovely people at Kiel James Patrick were so kind to send me one of their gorgeous Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelets! This gorgeous coral rope bracelet with a lovely white button is EXACTLY what I needed to add onto my accessories! Named Narragansett Lifeguard Chairs, the moment I opened the box and saw it, I was in love! & apparently, so is everyone else who's seen it! Ive gotten so many questions on where I got it, & how I like it! This is becoming one of my favorite fall accessories!
The rope is so high quality, yet so soft and just perfect! It fits really well for me, & the color is just so gorgeous and subtle, yet it catches the eye. The button pops, completing the whole look.
I DEFINITELY recommend you go onto the Kiel James Patrick website, & look at their products! All made in the USA, & handmade!
They have products for everyone & anyone! Giving you that lovely prep feel with perfect craftsmanship & materials! If I ever had to pick a favorite KJP Bracelet, id really be unable to! There's so many great options, and they're all drool-worthy! Whats better than that?!

 Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick, Boots: Ugg, Jeans: Stylez, Watch: Gucci, Shirt: Sears


  1. Cute! I always have a hard time picking them too - fortunately Kiel decided my last ones for me lol!

  2. Adorable! I love KJP and the pop of color.

  3. I am enjoying the tucked in shirt!