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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carissa Black, Accessories Galore!

As you may know, little bags and pouches are sneaking back into the scene. With bold prints or add-ons, they're making a big comeback! Currently, im loving my new small coin purse from Carissa Black. Whats that? You may ask. Well, Carissa Black is an amazing go-to etsy shop & brand with every kind of bag you could think of! ALL HANDMADE! Purses, Totes, Coin Purses, Wallets, Makeup Bags, & even Diaper Bags! 

After a hard-won field hockey game, i was tired, sweaty & hungry! All i wanted to do was go home and sleep, and maybe curl up with my English reading book! So when i walked into the house, the moment I saw that Carissa, the amazing & lovely owner of her shop, was sweet enough to send me one of her lovely coin purse products, I IMMEDIATELY felt better! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! So is everyone else ive shown it to! I had to run some errands with my older sister, so of course the first thing i thought of was this little purse! Its perfect! Basically everything I needed fit in there! Phone? Check! Money? Check! Bus Pass? Check! Chipotle Giftcard? DEFINITELY check!
The fabric is so soft & the print is gorgeous! The craftsmanship is so amazing, and it even comes with an attached key ring! The lining is so pretty! What more could a girl ask for?! It measures 5" wide x 3 1/2" tall, and its just great! Thanks so much Carissa!

Here are some of my other faves from her store:

Wristlet with Front Snap and Five Pockets in Plaid and Roses Small Coin Purse with Keyring in Jade Custom Order for Liz


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