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Monday, November 8, 2010

Earn Your Way Up, Never Bring Yourself Down

That title has become my life quote. Ive been feeling down the past few weeks (like MAJOR downs, not just teen angst), but I just decided one day that I have so much to live for & that all I need to do is try my best, & ill get what I deserve.
I think that after that, most of my stress went away & things just fell into place. I always try my best to be cheery & happy, but sometimes I just need a day to be chill and sort of spend time with myself by myself. Its really good to do, & i highly recommend that for people & mostly for teenagers. Time by yourself is AMAZING! Go to the movies! Take yourself on a date! Even a Chipotle burrito can make everything ok! Trust me, it works!
Anyways, aside from my inspirational words i PROMISE to blog more! Ive finally de-stressed myself & feel like I can produce quality work now! Haha.
Here's a wishlist for now, because im currently DROOLING over these items! Oh gosh, I need a job!

Ive recently begun to have an OBSESSION with J. Crew! Ahhhh they have the most amazing stuff! I plan on going on a little shopping splurge with the money ive saved up (ALL my own), so im super excited to snag up something from one of their stores!
Also, its not included but Im looking into getting myself a Vera Bradley bag. 
Most notable in my wishlist would be the Grace Kelly headband, which im IN LOVE with! Kiel James Patrick has the most amazing items, & im definitely eyeing it for Christmas.
Also, the Varsity Jacket & Varsity Pullover from Free People are a MUST for me right now! WILL WORK FOR VARSITY! Haha. That jacket is to die for, & the pullover is perfect!
Ofcourse, the Sperrys are in there. Still no Sperrys :/ But i have hope! I need them for next summer. I guess thats it. Comment if you please.


  1. How are you saving up? i want some pretty expensive stuff too, & i don't know how to earn know? any tips?

  2. Hey! Ive just been doing little odd jobs. I walk my neighbor's dog, ive been helping my aunt build her website so she's paying me some for that, then im helping her at her cleaning business :)
    To me though, it isnt really about how much it costs. Its about the quality. Cause I could just spend it all on cheap things that wouldnt last, so I decided to save for better quality items.

  3. I hope things are ok now. I love the new raybans too!

  4. Thank you! Everything's much better :)

  5. I think we all have what I call "blue days." A little happy in the form of Starbucks or a great big McDonalds Diet Coke go a long way to turning a frown upside down. I also let myself have a good healing cry. Sometimes you just need to get all those emotions out to feel refreshed.

  6. Just visiting your blog.

    Follow if you wish and I'll return the favor.