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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Presenting Vera Bradley's Fall Collection.

If there's one brand i love to wear in versatile ways, it HAS to be Vera Bradley! No matter how high fashion i go, or even low fashion if there is such a thing. Vera Bradley will always be in my heart! Their bags and products are made for people with every taste, ranging in lots of interests! I cant even pick a favorite pattern. Its just not fair to the rest! Im really dying for a Vera Bradley backpack! They're so cute and so functional!
Anyways, Vera Bradley has come out with a new Fall Collection, and its so gorgeous! Im in LOVE with all 4 of the new colors! Barcelona, Hello Dahlia, Slate Blooms, and Very Berry Paisley. There's also one new very special pattern called Frill. Dont you just love the names?! Here's a collage showing the new colors in actual products, and even a product list incase you want to buy one of the ones in the collage!:

This amazingly cute new pattern just makes you feel the Barcelona air! Or is that just me? With a few bright and colorful stripes, then the brown and white design to set it all off, this is definitely going to be one of their best sellers! Its like nothing they have ever come up with before, so thats why i think lots of people would love it. Its really one of the patterns you need to check out!

I am a very big fan of paisley! I love the pattern and how it just goes wild with its own thing! So this new pattern is really one i love a lot!The colors range from light pink, to a gorgeous dark purple! There's even a really pretty garden green in there to just create that perfect balance. This new pattern is just eye candy! Im not even kidding you guys, its so pretty! Im definitely looking out for something in this pattern when i go shopping.

Adorable name? Check. Perfect design? Check. New fans? CHECK! The Hello Dahlia pattern is just so cute! I think it just reminds us all of tea parties and the little girl in all of us! Me still being pretty little, im even on the train! The colors are gorgeous, with even a little pinch of light orange in there. Im loving the dark purple, and also the light pink in there.

I guess you could say i saved the best for last! Slate Blooms is by far my favorite pattern for Fall 2010! I will definitely be buying this one in one of their products! Its so classy, yet it has just that correct balance of cute to make you just need it ASAP! The cute yellow in the leaves and flowers, the gorgeous light purple shading. Everything! Im looking at the Audrey in Slate Blooms, and hopefully i can get it! That would complete my life and my closet!

Personal Favorite Vera Bradley Products:
Audrey in Slate Blooms, Audrey in Night And Day, Zip ID in Make Me Blush, Small Cosmetic in Totally Turq, Brush and Pencil in Poppy Fields, Backpack in Mod Floral Pink(On Sale!), Pencil Pouch in Very Berry Paisley, Binder Clips in Night And Day(Only $6!)

P.S When Vera Bradley has a sale, they go all out! Look on their website for outlet sales and all sorts of awesome events! Even their online sales are glorious! $35 off on my dream backpack?! Im thinking yes!


  1. Adorbs! I love VB and always check them out when I am in the US :O) The Hello Dahlia would be perfect with my wardrobe!

  2. I agree! Its such a cute pattern.

  3. Wow those patterns are amazxing.I love your blog and im a new follower. I hope you can follow me back !!!