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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Lettermen.

Hey everyone! Here's another post ive been waiting to do!
Before i go on, i officially have a facebook page for my blog! Check it out here!

Onto the post. One of the best trends coming out for fall is non other than theLetterman Jacket! I LOVE IT! I seriously wish i had one! Or atleast that field hockey had them too! They're such an essential for fall, & i cant wait to scour around ebay looking for one. ONLY if my mom lets me use her card ;)
With a big bold letter, those simple but amazing stripes, and then that one solid color to set it all off this jacket is exactly one of the newest must-haves! I know im only 13, but i think i need a boyfriend who's on the Varsity football team. So i can take his. I kid! I kid!

I decided to go on Polyvore & style some looks with letterman jackets, so enjoy!

Sale - AllProducts - Slouch Pocket Tee - Madewell, $38
Harvard Sweater Varsity, $94
Vintage Lilly, $218
Bird Cameo Pendant, $28
Seven Deadly Sins Charm Necklace, 34 GBP
Stella McCartney Striped cashmere and silk-blend scarf, $675
ASOS Double Wrap Plaited Hip Belt, $21
Illesteva / Leonard Sunglasses, $165
Wood Chair with Temp Seat |, $197
Great Impressions Christmas Stamps, $5.85
We're all so hipsters
the Fashion Spot - Tom Binns - Jewelry Designer
Fashion for the Beach - Chic Summer Fashion - Marie Claire
Mode et Look Chic Glamour de la femme Parisienne - Do It In Paris
flecked frame, doodle line ♥ *maddy (:
vogue – Style & Coffee
I'm so Amber Rose!
Aline Weber image gallery 1 - Picture gallery page 1. Fashion and...
【Chanel/シャネル】 – コレクションカタログ

This set, featuring an awesome Harvard Lettermen Jacket, is probably my favorite one that ive made with these! I love the vintage/rustic feel of the shoes, i really like those shorts, & the simplicity of the t-shirt just sets is off! & who can ignore that GORGEOUS necklace?!

This look sort of reminds me of clouds! Haha. I love those gorgeous shoes, the bleach-style shirt, and the bag! Its such a simple look, yet it makes such an impact when you'd wear it! If i had all this, i think id add on some Raybans.

Now, this is a totally different item, but the same ballgame. A LETTERMAN CARDIGAN! How genius is that?! Its from Urban Outfitters(the letter was added on by me, it does not originally have one), & its gorgeous! I think id wear this to probably a football game at school, or maybe on my own game day. I wish i could get a custom one!
Letterman Cardi's were probably made for girls, who can still rock the jacket, to get their fix out of the style too. Im loving the bag, & i really love those shorts!

& NOW, FOR THE BEST PART! I actually made MY OWN Letterman Jacket! I made it on, & i really probably wont ever buy it, but a girl can dream right? This is based on my Field Hockey number & position, #30 and as the goalie. YES, IT IS PINK & BLUE!

So, thats my take on the Letterman look! I hope you all enjoyed it, & dont forget to become a fan of Savile on facebook!


  1. awesome choices, i'll have to try some of these out now :)

  2. Oh I love that lettterman cardi! Amazing!

  3. AWesome looks! I really love the first one!