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Saturday, September 18, 2010

MADE IN THE U.S.A: Kiel James Patrick

I introduce to you my newest favorite brand! Kiel James Patrick. What's Kiel James Patrick? I guess both who and what fit in here. Well, Kiel James Patrick is a former model and New England native who decided to make the passion of his prep school days a living dream. The result? A brand thats become a staple in any Prep's closet, or even those of us who enjoy the love of all styles! From the most gorgeous silk bracelets, the smoothest leather on their products, & even a new line of knotted belts for everyone's fancy, which you can wear to every occasion! Did i mention the beautiful buttons on the bracelets? You can even pick the color! ALL HANDMADE & MADE IN THE USA. The creative names attract you to their products, and the rest is all up to you.

So, my best friend Catherine's birthday was coming up and i still hadnt found the perfect gift! Ofcourse, i was freaking out and wondering what the heck i was gonna do! Somehow, i stumbled back onto a I clicked around, and it hit me! The best birthday present i could have ever gotten! A beautiful lacrosse bracelet, which i ended up getting with a Brass button. When i got it in the mail, i literally started jumping around! It was the most perfect thing i have ever seen. Smooth fabric, precise stitching, and gorgeous packaging! I really did wish it was my birthday.
And Catherine? Well, lets just say a fear tears slipped by. It was one of the best moment of my life when i gave her the gift and she opened it. 1. Her favorite sport and passion is lacrosse. 2. I thought up of a gift, and i acted on it! And she ended up loving it.

I cannot wait for my birthday money (10 more days), so i can get myself a few things! Im thinking of a belt, a headband, and hopefully one or two bracelets!
EVERYONE, you should go check out Kiel James Patrick!
I promise you, you'll find something you like! By the way, on my order form was a little note! "Thank You!!! :)" Where else can you get that on an order form?!

P.S I took pictures!:

Isnt it beautiful?! And look at the packaging! I love the fabric. Catherine wears her bracelet all the time, and i can tell she loves it.


  1. I love the belts so much!
    We talk about them all the time!

  2. I know me too! & hahaha yeah we do! we did 2 minutes ago!

  3. it is great indeed! i've actually never heard of Kiel James as a brand, maybe I should start googling it or check out their website you gave the link of. thank you for reviewing! I'm glad Catherine likes your present too, no wonder actually because you have a great taste :)

  4. Thanks! & no problem. You'll definitely find something you'll like :)

  5. fab feature. i absolutely need a belt for the fall. KJP is really lush.
    xo kait

  6. I love KJP too! You entered my KJP giveaway right?

  7. I love it too! & im finish up my entry as i type :)

  8. I love Kiel's products!! Your blog is adorable- can't wait to read more.