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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Olivia Palermo Style Files.

One of my favorite style icons definitely has to be Olivia Palermo, and so i decided as sort of my comeback post to do a post about her and her style. I tried my best to recreated 6 looks inspired by her style, and i hope you all enjoy!

Look #1:
Oh, the boyish side comes out! This is one of my favorite looks inspired by Olivia that ive created! Im loving the boyfriend jeans, the slanky hoodie, & the socks under shoes look!

Look #2:
This look makes me think so much of summer! Surf, sun, sand! Its so cute, cheery, and very appropriate for literally every occasion! She looks so simple, but she makes a big bang! Her hair pulled back looks really slick and it just completes the outfit.
Ofcourse, i had to be different and play up with the colors. You know me ;)

Look #3:
I love this look from Olivia! Its classy, with a little drop of fun. With the black furry boa, she adds that little flirty touch and its so cute! The stripes on her top add design and pop, then the leather leggings just make the complete outfit so much more fun!

Look #4:
In this look, i used a really bright color and stuck to it, sort of like she does. I chose red, which ive seen her wearing alot. I added accessories to compliment her colors, then black to let the red pop out and the black stay in. Im loving the shoes!

Look #5:
Hello Nancy Drew! Thats exactly what this outfit seems like to me! Hahaha. A Nancy Drew inspired look that would make her so proud! The vintage-esque jacket and the gorgeous bag, it all comes together making a timeless masterpiece of an outfit! 3 cheers for Olivia!

Look #6:
In look #6, she goes for a very simple yet stylish look. A lovely white dress with some gorgeous pieces of jewelery, and a really adorable little bag. Her ring is so awesome, and with her hair out she looks so gorgeous!

I hope you all enjoyed the post! An amazing post is coming up soon, so stay on the lookout!


  1. love it...3rd and 6th are my favorite. i love how you took really simple pieces that we can all have and just throw them together with something unexpected. awesomee job :)
    xoxo kait

  2. looks great! also really loving her style :)