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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Post A Day.

Okay i swear, im itching to post everyday now. So, im updating you guys on my blog changes! Here's whats new:
-BRAND SPANKIN' NEW HEADER! Why? Because i love the font & i also wanted something clean, yet very me and cute.
-MY TITLES ARE CUTER?! WHATTT?! Yupp. I changed my HTML to make it so that a new font would do my titles & stuff (dates, sidebars, etc). CREDIT ON THE RIGHT.
-I have a SIGNATURE at the bottom of each post! With love, a little lady. Idk. I just thought it up & decided to put it! CREDIT TO THE RIGHT for the tutorial!
-57 FOLLOWERS!! I have 57 FOLLOWERS! Thats CRAZY! I remember when i had 5! Thanks so much you guys♥
- Stores(:, thats a section for the stores I love & i will be adding more soon!
-Looklet Bagde: I added that so you guys can see my Looklet looks, & also add me!

Okay, so i have an idea. I really LOVE helping out stores, so i want to start adding image badges to stores somewhere on my blog for people to see and go to. If you want me to ADVERTISE YOUR STORE, pop me an email at I PROBABLY wont charge you anything, but maybe like 5 bucks for the month. Girl's gotta buy her Rita's ice cream & her Forever21!

P.S about my dad, closet tour or interview & pictures?


  1. Hi!! Just want to say I love your blog!! xxoxoxooo

  2. Thank you so much!! That means alot(:

  3. awesome! i love your new header the font is really cute :)

  4. great changes!
    and closet tour closet tour closet tour
    lovely blog my dear!