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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gucci Gone Fucci Gone Coach?

Hola amigos. So, today my dad & i went to go pick up my mom in DC and decided to stop by the eastern market. YOU HAVE TO GO IF YOU LIVE IN THE DC/METRO AREA! Its AMAZING! So anyways, outside theres a bunch of stores to buy clothes, accessories, artsy stuff. Inside we bought this YUMMY chicken! Its like finger lickin' good!

So anyways, i walked by this "store" and i saw this GORGEOUS bag! I wont lie, i knew it was a fake of a designer bag, but i didnt care! I LOVE IT! A good $15 spent on this baby, and its everything i love! Im thinking its half Coach(the circles), half Gucci, & half Guess(cause their G's look like that). The lady said its made out to be a Coach bag? Idk. Whatever..... I hope you like!


  1. And here I always complain about there never being a versatile bag to fit all my eclectic tastes. And then you go and find said blog. Wonderful. :)

  2. Thanks Heather! & Belle, im sorry hahaha