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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cant Blame A Fellow For Trying

Hey all! Its another gorgeous summer night here in Maryland, & im itching to blog! Gosh you guys, i have SO many surprises for you! Very great interviews, & very great deals! But for this mini post, check out these images! As you know, i have an undying love for Abercrombie & Fitch......and Ralph Lauren......and J. Crew. Did i ever mention that my dad looks like he walked out of Ralph Lauren every day? Mhmmm. Ex male model, current fashion piece of work! Hahaha. So anyways, mixing that with my love forCape Cod here are some images im currently loving. Im sort of half prep & half high fashion. Tres cool. XD

P.S I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MY SPERRYS! Gaspard Ulliel! Blehh i have so much to pay for though! Field Hockey season & Lacrosse season needs equipment! Hahaha. Ive been playing hockey since the little age of 6, so i feel the need. & also, im gonna be a Freshman in high school next year! Your little one's all grown up. Hahahaha. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I was itching for a fix.



  1. So wanna post a picture of your dad for us? haha I'm curious!
    "half prep/half high fashion" is a really good way of putting it. I'm currently in my senior year of high school and it's probably one of the last years I"ll be able to do the preppy/school girl look :( so, gotta embrace it!

  2. Lol i mean.......if he lets me i guess i will! Hahaha. But im telling you! Its topsiders & corduroys most of the time. He's the man!

    & yup, thats how I think of it! Hahaha. I promise to embrace it while i can :)

  3. I love the brown jacket girls :O
    so beautiful

  4. I have always loved the half preppy quirky look, shows you can have fun with what you wear!

    I second that posting a picture of your dad!

    Thanks for stopping by, good luck winning the Giveaway!

  5. i so wish i couldpull off that second outfit.
    i lllove this prepppyyness so so muuch! <333

  6. Hahahaha ill ask him! How about pictures of his part of my parents closet? Hmmm. A complete feature of my dad! Hahaha.
    & Julianne, guess who's blog i landed on after i posted this? YOURS! You look amazing in preppy outfits! Hence me loving your blog lol.