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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interview with Anni J @ Style Hurricane

Hey guys! Here's one of many cool posts i have right now, & i got the amazing pleasure of interviewing the fabulous owner of Style Hurricane, Anni. She was so sweet & you can just tell that she's a one girl revolution! With her impeccable style & great eye for design, Anni is a girl to watch. She wears & she designs, whats better? Enjoy!

1. Hi! Thanks so much for doing the interview. Can you tell the readers & i a little about yourself?
Hey! I'm Anni, 14 years old and live in Estonia. I like shopping at thrift stores and enjoy doing DIY projects.

2. What inspires you when you're trying to pick exactly what to wear?
Sometimes the song which is playing in the moment I'm choosing clothes...sometimes it just depends on a mood.

3. Do you have any key pieces in your wardrobe?
Probably my beige shorts I can pair with everything.

4. Describe the styles in your area, and how if in any way, they influence your own style.
I think it's pretty much same like everywhere. Though Estonians aren't probably courage enough to wear all the newest trends so sometimes you see only boring and very simple outfits on street. And somehow it definitely influence on me too.

5. Your sister blogs, & she's also quite fashionable. Do you think you guys ever share any tips or fashion advice?
Yes!, we often pick clothes for each other or go shopping together.

6. When did you decide you wanted to be a designer, and how did you approach it?
I'm still not sure if I want to be a designer. But it's possible that I'll be a fashion designer in future. At the moment making jewelry and designing clothes is just my hobby.

7. I saw that you competed in a design competition. How was that & what inspired you in making the looks?
A month before the competition was quite rough. I was running between home and a fabric store sll the time. I had to design , sew, buy material, make so many decisions, look for models, find shoes, make jewelry, decide about hair and make-up, pick a music for runway.. and at the same time I had to do my school homework. So I was pretty stressed out in the end but it was all worth it. I won the second place and got lot of positive feedback. For my looks I was inspired by desert nature and people in desert and all the looks had a military influence. My favorite materials I used were leather, bullet casings and zippers.

8. Your jewelry is fantastic! If you could pick a personal favorite, what would it be & how would you style it?
Thank you! It's not a jewelry though but my favorite is probably the spiked headband. I made two collages to show how I would style it. It's very versatile, you can look like a rocker chick but also very sweet and cute girl.

9. If you have tips for anyone who wants to become a fashion blogger, what would you tell them?
Try to inspire people! Think about how would the best blog in the world looks like in your opinion and try do create something similar!

Check her out here! & thanks for reading!
Keep looking back for more great interviews coming up.


  1. Great interview!!!!

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    xox cathy.

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