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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ive never been to Brooklyn and id like to see whats good..... ----------------- check out my store <3
Thanks Gerri for buying! You're awesome :)

HAPPY 60TH POST EVERYONE! Gracias for sticking with me for these 60 lovely writings.........

Hello loves! Im SO SORRY i havent posted in a while! School started so ive been quite busy. But anyways, as a fashion blogger i must produce FASHION. Oh and CHECK OUT MY NEW HEADER IMAGE! Here are some fashion rondevous of mine. Ive become addicted to the website looklet lately, so i made a few outfits to show yall. I hope you like!:

Difine Different: I love this outfit! It kind of questions everyone's definition of different. The scarf is AMAZING! And omg those shoes! And the leggings! This would be like my dream crazy outfit. Lol

Newage Librarian: No more boring librarians! Omg i love those shoes! This outfit is what id wear if i was a librarian. Its not too out there, but its just enough to make you stop and stare. I love the layered thing going on. The blouse and the tank make it amazing :)

Loud and Quite: Maybe yall dont agree with me but i think this is some good use of those cage shoes! RIP YSL! I love the skirt SO MUCH! And how everything goes together. This outfit makes you a rebel without being a rebel. Get it?Not really.

Flea Market Soho: Now from what ive seen, people dress up for the flea markets. I SO WOULD! Check out that skirt! Omg and the shoes! HELLO! Perfection in the making. Lol. I love the little crown too! Those shoes make me wish i was shiny like them. Lovely arent i?

Greenwich Beauty: How do you pronounce Greenwich? Anyways I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Its quite creative ya know?! And those shoes are suede and to die for. Not really. lol. I love the shirt and the berett! I seriously wish i was this stylish! Wait! I THINK I AM! Gaspard Ulliel im a ball of fire. Lmao.

IF YOU THINK I SHOULD WORK AT A MAGAZINE RAISE YOUR HANDS! Ok am i the only one?! Lol. Hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. OMG! THESE are solely FABULOUS!!!
    p.s. I bought your FASHIONABLY FAB GYM T-Shirt! - THANKS can't wait to receive it!!!:)

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Im so happy right now! Please tell me everything you think of it when you get it! Is it soft, is it cool? is it...idk! EVERYTHING! I hope you love it!

  3. Lovely post! So happy you opened a shop! Cool!

  4. These outfits are gorgeous!!! I want them all. =)
    Oh and yes I guess you can call me Tori Doll. teehee. =D

  5. those are just gorgoeus, all of them!


  6. omgggg
    i love flea market soho and loud/quite
    my favs!!!
    such awesome outfits
    now you have to model them yourself!!!!!!

  7. oh you SHOULD work at a mag! what great outfits/pics.

    and one of my girlfriends bought the free people/ann d knockoffs, they look great! they are STILL pricey though, but it's an improvement! let me know if you get them!

  8. OMG! YOU are sooo WELCOME! But THANK YOU for being sooo TALENTED! I can't wait to wear my soon to be FAB Tee Shirt, Oh I LUV your HEADER, it's solely FABULOUS like YOU!!!!:)

  9. Love the header! And great looks you put together! I couldn't even pick a favorite... they're all so different, but I'm currently feeling the loud and quite vibe (great use of the cage boot... I agree).

  10. I need to try out Looklet. It seems like it would be a lot of fun. I love the way you layered that short sleeved leather jacket over the long-sleeved top - great idea!

  11. great outfits. and as for pronouncing greenwich (i live right next to greenwich, soooo yeah :-) )

    grenn-ich. i hope that's helpful...