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Monday, October 5, 2009

I'll Never Be Ordinado

Hey guys! New header and layout! What do ya think? Also PLEASE check out my store! I added a new shirt design and i try to make things as cheap as i can! CHECK IT OUT

So, i havent gotten my free people catalog yet, but i KNOW its gonna be awesome! I decided to make another one of those posts where i tell you how to remake an outfit, so i looked it up on the net and it is AMAZING! Gosh, that makes me wanna become a free people model. But hey, who knows? Enjoy!

LOOK NUMBER ONE: If you hate it so much then leave! Lmao. I love that top! Id try to find a funny shirt that just has some cool expression. Forever21 or target have those! Find a dress or tunic thats shiny to wear under the saggy top. The whole look is so simple yet classic! Forever21 MUST have those! To finish of the lovely look, add a timeless piece of jewelry. Thrift store lookin? I think so.

LOOK NUMBER TWO: Id LOVE to live by a seaport town! Then i could rock this look all the time. Hair in pigtails? Check! Now for the clothing, get a cool slouchy weather jacket. Delias, Hollister, and forever21 have those! Add on cute bedazzled shorts and leggings under that. All available at forever21. Get on some cool white converse, and your look is complete! Wasnt that easy?

LOOK NUMBER THREE: I love this look! Get on a nice white tank top, a jean or baby blue slouchy shirt, all can be found at forever21 or delias! Find some cute white skinny jeans and then get some cool black boots. Add on a headband, and you're american ready.

LOOK NUMBER FOUR: This look is so cool! Check out how everything looks! Get on a fishnet or white lace type longsleeve from forever21 or stores like it, and top it off with a cool plaid shirt from possibly anywhere! Add on some boyfriend jeans, and everything's good! DONT FORGET THE AWESOME JEWELRY! Homemade friendship bracelets make the look seem cooler. I dont know. Its just so artsy! I think converse would make it so perfect!

LOOK NUMBER FIVE: When you're chilling on a sunday, this look is perfect. Remember those white skinnies you bought? USE THEM AGAIN! Get a cool slouchy cardigan, and an artistic top. Both can be found at forever21. Add on a cool nice necklace and your life is complete! How perfect is this? A cheap yet very unique look. I want it!

LOOK NUMBER SIX: Isnt that the coolest cover? And the outfit is killer! White socks, and some cute boots make this outfit from head to toe. Get some adorable leggings from Claire's, then add on cute rugged shorts. Forever21? Get a nice velvety jacket, a plain white tee, and maybe a bustier. Any store should have those! A cool headband and necklace top off this look, and you're ready to hit the village!

I hope you guys like those! I worked REALLY hard so please comment on it and tell me what you think! and PLEASE check out my store! Im trying to make cooler shirts and stuff. If you have ANY recommendations, please comment here!



  1. I really love that new header! Looks great!

  2. OMG! I luv your new HEADER, it's solely FAB!
    I'll be checking out your new shirt design and also I will mention YOUR store on my BLOG!!!!:)))

  3. nice header! i mean really nice! I like the style and your post looks also really nice. Gorgeous fotos :)

  4. Nice header. =)
    I like this free people catalogue too. I have it sitting next to me right now actually. haha.

  5. I am in LOVE with Free People. I had like an obsession at one point haha. and ya, i'd love to model fp too! there stuff is soo cute. i'm wearing one of my favorite dresses of theirs in one of my posts :)


  6. love this free people catalog! do you know where I can ordr one for myself?
    cool store!! the shirts are so fun!

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