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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zip me up and let me out

Hey all! Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. Im sooo excited for school! And i have an outfit idea. I just need to make sure i like it. And school starts on the 31st for me! Woah woah woah!

Anyways, i see that alot of people have become obsessed with zipped things. Dresses, tops, pants. etc. So, i wanted to show yall that forever 21 has ALOT of zipper type clothing. Enjoy!

Their line exclusively ours is AMAZING!
How cool is that cardigan?!
I really want that dress! I adore the color.
Coolest jacket ever!
I love this dress! Its amazing!
I love it! Its a bustier but a zip one!
I love the color! Id wear this with gladiators or something like that.
This would be great for school! And the style of the dress is really cool

Ok well i guess thats it. Lol. thanks SUSHI for inviting me to lookbook! Im gonna take pictures for my first look tomorrow so ill tell yall to check it out.


  1. WOW! YOU have great PICKs!
    Savile, check out my post for Friday because I have an AWARD for YOU!

  2. forever 21= my addiction. wonderful choices from their ginormous selection!

  3. thats for the great links


    great blog xx

  4. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AWARD! I was having a kind of bad week but that just brightened me up!

    And yes people, forever 21 IS love!