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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to breakfast.......

School starts in a few days for me! Im super excited! My style has evolved, so here are some of my favorite newest polyvore sets.

I have NO IDEA what im wearing on my first day, but i promise to post a bunch of pictures on my next post!

Do you guys think im a bad blogger? Just tell me. I wont be THAT heartbroken. Lol.

Im really gonna change my style up this year. Being a young blogger has let me see alot of other blogs, so now i kinda know what i want. Just know alot of wedges and 4" inch heels are involved. lmao

This is my original first day option. What do you think of it?

Back To Breakfast :)
Back To Breakfast :) by urban.decay™ featuring Juicy Couture accessories

I love this outfit! Its simple yet really cool! Maybe id change the jeans to skinny jeans though.

I love the whole outfit!

Its so cool! Faux fur of course. But i love those shoes!

I love the onensie! And the cool jacket.

This would be my lazy outfit. Those shoes are so cool!

This is more of a classy preppy outfit. I wish i could wear this on the first day! lol

Its so cute!

I love the oufit! The shoes are my fave

For the artist in me. I love the sweater!

Wouldnt that make an AMAZING backpack? Man i wish it was mine! Lol.

So i guess thats pretty much it. Im going shopping before school starts so ill take pics of the outfit i want to wear. Im blank. Lol


  1. YOur collages are ALL so pretty!!! You did a great job organizing em, so much better than I would :)


  2. i love all of them sweetie! And it looks like it took you a long time. i would love to see your first day of school outfit because it dont know what to wear either! Us girl, can never make up our mind.
    xoxo taylor

  3. oh wow, lovely blog, I came to visit back:)
    and follow you;)

  4. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog! I think it is so great to find another fashionista in Maryland! I got my internship at GL Magazine through my college. But, they have interns as young as 13 so you should def try it out! I loved working in the fashion closet and looking at all the wonderful clothes! If you want to keep in contact, just send me your e-mail or leave a comment on my blog!

  5. I LOVE your polyvores. my favorite is probably the "well hello there" one.

  6. ì love the last outfit. i say go with something like that. it'd def make you stand out, but you'd look good wearing it.

  7. OMG! Are you kidding? Nooo way are you a bad blogger, why you are a FASHIONABLY FABULOUS BLOGGER and from your Polyvores I can tell YOU have AMAZING STYLE! - I luv your BLOG that's why I'm following it!!!

  8. love the 1st and 3rd look!
    oh and the hi five mittens of course!
    annnndddd i love your blog!
    Im a new follower!


  9. I just e-mailed you about the internship! I wish you good luck!