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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The deterioration of Emily Rose

I feel just like that picture. Uneasy and shaken. I took that btw. Im IN LOVE with photography. Anyways im sorry! I promised a look and i dont have one. Its laundry time yall! Next post i promise.

But please atleast comment on what i have. I feel discouraged when i only get 1 comment on a post with a bunch of things i worked hard on! Or maybe its my fault? Idk. I used to get atleast 24 comments then it all went down town fast and easy. Next week ill have a bangin outfit cause GUESS WHAT? Im going shopping! My sister gets paid and ive been babysitting for 20 bucks a day! So now ive got 40 bucks and ill get atleast 30 from my sister's almost 300! I love money and shopping. And its sales galore!

Anyways my summer isnt amazing so far, but its ok. We had a bbq and i hung out with my parents outside. Ill take a picture of our patio place and show you. We have a picnic table and everything. Gosh, it feels amazing to be writing on here. This is basically the time of my life. You all know i appreciate all of you who read my crappy posts. Lol.

Much love,

P.S I might have my very first professional american modeling job! fingers crossed!


  1. i find alot of blogging comments can be fickle

    anyway thnksfor the comment

    good luck on your shopping trip hope style gods smile down on you

  2. ur blog is great! nice ankle boots (the ones in the older update)


  3. oh my gosh! i'll keep my fingers crossed for your modelling job, absolutely!
    and look i commented :) finally.
    x x x x x

  4. I love that photo!! I love photography too! and shopping is great I cant wait for your outfit post and I wanna hear everything about your modelling gig!!!!!!